Emergency Purchase

Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotate Section 31-7-13, permits emergency purchases in excess of legal limits. When a true emergency occurs, contact the Purchasing Department for assistance. If this emergency occurs after normal working hours or on the weekend, handle the emergency and contact Purchasing as soon as possible so the appropriate approvals and paperwork can be completed. Be prepared to justify in writing the nature of the emergency in detail.
Emergency: is defined as any circumstances caused by fire, flood, explosion, storm, earthquake, epidemic, riot, insurrection, or caused by any inherent defect due to defective construction, or when the immediate preservation of order or of public health is necessary by reason of unforeseen emergency, or when the restoration of a condition of usefulness of any public building, equipment, road or bridge appears advisable, or in the case of a public utility when there is a failure of a machine or other thing used and useful in the generation, production or distribution of electricity, water or natural gas or in the transportation or treatment of sewage; or when the delay incident to obtaining competitive bids could cause adverse impact upon the governing authorities or agency, its employees or its citizens. See Section 31-7-1 (I) Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated.
Emergency procurement shall be limited to only those supplies, service, or major repair items necessary to meet the emergency.
Any Mississippi agency may make emergency procurement when an emergency condition arises and the need cannot be met through normal procurement methods, provided that approval by the President shall be obtained prior to the procurement.
Contact purchasing immediately for assistance once the emergency determination is made. If the emergency purchase is over $3,500 dollars, submit a requisition and documentation to purchasing justifying the emergency purchase as soon as is practical. Documentation should include invoices, sales receipts, contracts, etc. Make note, either on the requisition or a separate sheet, of the nature of the emergency. 
Purchasing will process the requisition and send a P-1 request to the Office of Purchasing and Travel for approval of the emergency purchase if the purchase is over $3,500 dollars.
  • Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated Section 31-7-1(I)