Disposal of Equipment

Equipment items declared as either excess, obsolete, or non-functional must be disposed of according to the following procedure.  
If an equipment item is declared by the using department as either excess, obsolete, or non-functional, an “Equipment Disposal Request Form” must be completed and the completed form sent to the Property Control Office. After picking up the equipment item, Property Control will utilize the following procedures to dispose of or scrap the equipment item:
·        Should an equipment item be identified as non-functional or obsolete and is not economical to repair, the procedures to scrap will be taken.
·        If an equipment item is identified as either functional or economical to repair, the equipment item will be placed at the Physical Plant for first come first serve. All requests to inspect or transfer an equipment item should be directed to the Property Control Officer. If no requests are submitted for the equipment within 60 days the Property Control Office will proceed to delete the item from inventory.
·        After the 60 day listing period, the equipment item will be made available for transfer to another state agency. If an equipment item is transferred to another state agency, a Form 873 will be completed by Property Control and submitted to the State office of Purchasing and Travel for approval. The approved Form 873 authorizes deletion of the equipment item from DSU and State equipment inventory records. A Form CP-2 will be completed for a computer or telecommunication equipment item. The CP-2 will be signed by the Property Officer of the agency transferring the equipment item. The form CP-2 authorizes deletion of the equipment item from DSU and State equipment inventory records.
·        A receipt schedule for the equipment must be completed by the Property Control Officer and signed by the agent of the state agency picking up the equipment item. If the equipment item cannot be transferred to another state agency within a reasonable period of time, the Property Control Office will attempt to sell the equipment item through a public bid or auction.
·        A standardized bid package will be prepared for equipment items which are declared feasible and in good condition to sell. This bid package will be used for the solicitation of public bids. An advertisement to request the submittal of bids should be approved by DSU’s Salvage Committee prior to the placement of the advertisement. If the equipment items cannot be successfully bid for sale, the Property Control Office will scrap the equipment items.
·        Approval will be obtained from the Salvage Committee prior to scrapping an equipment item. A Salvage Committee Action Request should be submitted to the committee stating the method of disposal and a schedule of the equipment item to be scrapped.
·        Following approval by the DSU Salvage Committee, the equipment item may be disposed of only by the method approved.
·        After disposal of the equipment item, a Form 961 or a Form CP-2 is completed and submitted to the Salvage Committee for approval to delete the equipment item from DSU’s equipment inventory records. The approved Form 961 and a Form CP-2 are sent to the State Auditor’s Office to report the deletion from DSU’s equipment inventory records.
  • Section 29-9-1 thru 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated
  • Form 961
  • Form CP-2