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Departmental Transfers of Equipment

Equipment can be transferred on a temporary or permanent basis in accordance with the following procedures.
Should the transfer of an equipment item be temporary (three (3) months or less), the Property Control Office does not need to be notified. To document a temporary transfer, a memorandum receipt should be on file in both departments for audit and inventory purposes. The department head of the department receiving the equipment item will assume the financial responsibility for the equipment item during the temporary transfer period.
To transfer an equipment item from one department to another department on a permanent basis, an Equipment Transfer Request form must be submitted to Property Control. The transferring department will be responsible for obtaining the authorized signatures and forwarding the signed form to Property Control for recording the transfer on equipment inventory records. The department head of the department receiving the equipment will assume accountability for the equipment item received.
  • Section 29-9-1 thru 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated
  • Equipment Transfer Request Form