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Departmental Property Custodian Responsibility – Faculty and Staff Changes

Any changes in personnel responsible for inventory including but not limited to the Department Chair/Head must be reported to the Property Officer. If the changes involve the removal of equipment the following procedures must be followed.
Prior to the departure of a department chair, he/she should contact the Property Control Office and request a complete internal audit to account for all equipment items assigned to the department.
At the time the new department chair assumes the position, the Property Control Office should be notified so a complete and current equipment listing can be provided. The new department chair should have the department complete a self-audit. When the self-audit is complete, the new department chair should report any discrepancies to Property Control. If the equipment listing is correct, he/she should submit a memorandum to Property Control stating that he/she finds the list in order and accepts responsibility for the equipment.
Should the departure of a faculty or staff member involve the removal of equipment items acquired through a grant, before leaving DSU, the following procedures must be completed by a the Property Control Office:
A complete list of the items approved for transfer and written authorization by the President must be submitted to the Property Control Office before departure.
An inspection of the equipment items and the removal of property tags must be conducted by Property Control prior to removal of the equipment items from DSU campus.
When all equipment items are accounted for and the property tags have been removed, the faculty or staff member removing the equipment items must sign a receipt for all equipment items removed.
Upon removal of the equipment items, the Property Control Office submits an equipment receipt confirmation to the institution or agency where the equipment was relocated. The receiving institution or agency is requested to sign and return the confirmation to DSU to acknowledge receipt of the equipment items released by DSU.
When a new faculty or staff member brings equipment purchased with grant or contract funds to DSU from another institution or agency the following procedures must be completed:
The department head should notify the Property Control Office of the arrival of the equipment and provide a notice from the institution or agency authorizing the transfer of the equipment items.
All the equipment items meeting the criteria for classification of equipment in Section 2.03 of this manual will be assigned an equipment inventory number and tagged with that number.
A letter of acceptance from the Property Control Office and a list of all the equipment items received (inventoried and non-inventoried) will be submitted to the institution or agency transferring the equipment.
  • Section 29-9-1 thru 29-9-21, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated