Employment Verifcation/Reference


The purpose of this policy is to establish uniformed guidelines regarding the release of present and former university employee information to outside sources. 


Employee: a person who is working on paid appointments by the University in a faculty, staff, adjunct, temporary, intermittent, time-limited, student, or graduate assistant capacity. For specific information on who is considered an employee, contact the Office of Human Resources.


Delta State University seeks to protect the privacy of its present and former employees with a procedure that strictly limits the release of information to outside sources for home and automobile loans, personal credit, prospective employers, investigative groups, and other inquirers. All inquiries, such as salary and salary history, must be in writing and must contain the employee’s signature authorizing the release of information.

For employment verification requests received by telephone and accompanied by the social security number and/or DSU ID number of the person being verified, the following information may be provided without written consent.

  • Job title
  • Employee classification – faculty, staff, administrative, student, etc.
  • Status of employment – full-time, part-time, active, retired, etc.
  • Hire date
  • Transfer date (if applicable)
  • Last day of employment

Human Resources will release information concerning an employee when requested by government agencies.

Department heads should not provide written or verbal references on current and former employees. All inquiries should be submitted to the Human Resources Department.


The Office of Human Resources is responsible for review of this policy every three years or whenever circumstances require immediate review.

Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Human Resources



  • None



Change/Review/Approval Date:

Policy Effective Date: 08/22/2013

Revised/Approved by Cabinet: 09/25/2023