Faculty Overload Limits

Delta State University has as its primary goal the provision of the highest quality education. Instructional quality is a core element in attaining this goal. Delta State University is committed to providing faculty the resources and working environment conducive to this goal.
To that end, the University wishes to assure that the faculty are assigned an appropriate work load. While limited resources and increased demand often leads to the need for asking faculty to take on additional course responsibilities, the University is committed to assuring this additional work load does not become onerous.
Therefore, the University limits that overload courses to two per semester in addition to the faculty member’s full-time load. If an accreditation agency has a more restrictive limit the division/department will adhere to the requirements of that agency.
Requests for faculty overloads are submitted by the department chair to the dean on a “Change of Status” form. The deans submit them to the Office of Academic Affairs for formal approval. In no case shall the department chair submit overload requests that exceed those outlined in the policy above.
·        Academic Council Minutes, October 10, 2006