Faculty Merit Pay


Faculty Merit pay policy governs the procedures of the Faculty Merit Pay process.


Benchmark – is the rating of “meets expectations” in the Faculty Annual Evaluation.  



1. All merit-based salary increases for faculty will be determined apart from and in addition to increases based on promotion, equity, or market considerations.

2. Faculty performance, upon which any merit-based salary increase is based, will encompass the entire period since the most recent previous merit-based salary increase for faculty.

3. All salary increases based on merit are defined by a benchmark level of performance and a corresponding benchmark level of salary increase.

4. Evaluation of such achievement, unless otherwise specified as a condition of a faculty member’s appointment, will be guided by the following general formulas:

A.  for full-time tenure track faculty members who hold the rank of Assistant Professor or above

Teaching 60 percent
Scholarship 20 percent
Service 20 percent


B.  for full-time instructors and non-tenure track faculty

Teaching 40 – 80 percent
Scholarship 0 – 20 percent
Service 20 – 40 percent

(Specific percentages shall be determined on an ad hoc basis by department chairs. Together these percentages must equal 100 percent.)

C. for chairs

Teaching 40 percent
Scholarship 10 percent
Service 10 percent
Leadership and Administration 40 percent

(Specific percentages shall be determined on an ad hoc basis by deans. Together these percentages must equal 100 percent.)

5. Administrative rating of individual faculty performance, based on the Faculty Annual Evaluation and other pertinent information, proceed as follows:

After thoroughly reviewing all documents and pertinent information in the appropriate department or division, chairs shall rate each faculty member in that department according to the following scale:

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations (benchmark)
Needs Improvement

A rating of “Meets Expectations” or higher in teaching and service is required to be eligible for a merit raise.

6. Faculty have the right to appeal their rating in their Faculty Annual Evaluation as per the appeal process described in the Faculty Annual Evaluation policy.


Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs






Policy Effective Date: March 5, 2017

Approval Date:

Academic Council: 2/24/2009; 4/28/2009; 8/25/2009; 5/09/2013; 1/9/2020
Cabinet: 01/21/2020