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Degree Completion Compensation – Non Faculty


It is the policy of Delta State University to encourage the personal and professional development of support staff employees. In an attempt to award employees for such efforts, full-time employees may be compensated in the following amounts for the completion and awarding of the following degrees through a fully accredited institution of higher learning and/or recognized and accredited certification program.




Compensation may be awarded in the following amounts:

Degree Program/Certification Award Amount
GED $250.00
Professional Certification
(must be job related and require prior approval)
Associate Degree $500.00
Bachelor Degree $750.00
Masters Degree $1,500.00
Doctoral Degree Varies/Negotiable


If the completion of certification or degree is a condition of employment, employees are ineligible for additional compensation under this provision. Degrees and/or certifications obtained prior to an eligible employee’s employment are not compensable. The employee must obtain the degree and/or certification while employed at Delta State University. Degree completion compensation is awarded per degree program/certification to eligible employees for the completion of a program of study. Employees are not eligible to receive compensation for the completion of a second degree/certification at the same degree level. Compensation is added to the employee’s annual salary at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

A request to compensate an employee should be submitted through the chain of command by using an Employment Action Form indicating that all requirements for the degree have been completed, along with an official transcript showing the degree/certification. Degree completion compensation is not retroactive to the date and/or fiscal year in which the degree was awarded. The Employment Action Form must be submitted by June 1. All requests for increases are subject to approval and to the availability of funds. Compensation will be effective with the next fiscal year.


Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Human Resources



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Revised/Approved by Cabinet: 05/01/2017