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Compensation Adjustment for Promotions and Doctorates – Faculty


Delta State University encourages the professional development of faculty members. Employees may be compensated in the following amounts for promotions and completion of earned doctorates through a fully accredited institution of higher learning.




Promotion in Rank for Tenure Track Faculty Member:

The process of awarding promotion signifies excellence in the various roles of the professoriate that are central to the role and mission of the university. In recognition of their accomplishments, the base salary of each person will be adjusted to reflect the following:

Promotion to the rank of Professor…………………………… base salary increase of $6,000
Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor………………. base salary increase of $4,000

Salary Adjustment for Completion of Earned Doctorate

A faculty member who holds a full time appointment at the rank of instructor may, upon completion of all requirements for an earned doctorate in the relevant teaching field, be eligible for:

  • Negotiation of a base salary consistent with that of an entering Assistant Professor with like credentials and qualifications in the teaching field, as described in the Faculty Credentials Policy. The approval of a salary increase does not imply a change in rank from instructor to a tenure-track position
    • Negotiated salary increase will become effective with the next budget year following the award of the degree. If degree requirements are met between July 1st and September 1st of the current fiscal year, then the salary increase will be effective September 1st. Faculty who expect to complete the degree requirements between July 1st and September 1st must notify their respective department/division Chair before May 1 of the previous fiscal year so funds can be budgeted.
  • If funding for a salary increase is to be provided by:
    • the University, the College/School Dean must request those funds through the budget request cycle for the year in which the funds will be awarded to the faculty member.
    • the College/School, the funds must be reallocated to the appropriate line during the budget development process.
A request to compensate a faculty member should be submitted through the chain of command by using an Employment Action Form and an official transcript indicating that all requirements for the degree have been completed. The above must be sent as soon as possible following the new degree conferral date to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs

  • Reference related IHL policies
  • Faculty Credentials Policy



Policy Effective Date:
 July 7, 2014

Change/Review/Approval Date:
  • Academic Council  06/26/2014
  • Cabinet:  07/07/2014