Awards – Faculty

Delta State University is fortunate to have a dedicated and professional faculty. The challenge is to find ways to acknowledge their efforts. This series of university awards offers recognition and cash prizes for full-time faculty who demonstrate sustained outstanding performance or excellence in the areas of teaching, research, or service.

Kossman Teacher Of The Year Award
The Kossman Outstanding Teacher Award is the top faculty honor at DSU. It is presented annually at May commencement. A plaque, a commemorative medallion, and cash award are included. A request for nominations is distributed to the campus and to alumni from the Office of the Provost. The deadline for submissions is April 15. The Kossman Award Committee is convened in late April to make the selection. Members of that committee include the chair of the University Tenure and Promotions Committee, the immediate past chair of the Faculty Senate, the Registrar, an alumni representative appointed by the Executive Director of the Alumni/Foundation, and a member of the Academic Council appointed by the Provost and a representative from each college/school and the library.
Selection of the Delta State University Kossman Teacher of the Year Award is based on outstanding performance as demonstrated over time (typically five years).
Criteria for the Kossman Teacher of the Year Award:
1.      Effectiveness as a teacher
2.      Ability to motivate students
3.      Good relationship with students in and out of the classroom
4.      Mentor and advisor to students
5.      Utilizes creativity and innovation in teaching
6.      Positive attitude toward teaching and toward students
7.      Evidence of scholarship and service that support good teaching
Delta State University Foundation Prizes For Excellence In Teaching, Research, and Service
This series of awards offers cash prizes for full-time faculty who demonstrate excellence in the areas of teaching, research, and service. These three faculty roles serve as the cornerstone of the University mission.
The cash awards have been named the Delta State University Foundation Prizes for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service. There are to be two annual awards in each area. The awards will be $5000 each. There will be no restrictions on the use of the funds by the faculty member. The funds will come from an unrestricted gift provided by the generosity of the University Foundation, thus the name of the award.
The selection process will be managed by the Office of the Provost. By October 1 of each year the Provost will distribute widely a solicitation for nominations for the awards in any of the three categories. The information supporting the nomination should be based on accomplishments during the previous three school years. Nominations will be due by November 1. Nominees will be contacted by the Office of Academic Affairs and will be asked to submit additional supporting materials by December 1.
Once the nomination process is completed, a selection committee will be convened by the Provost. The selection committee will be chaired by the Provost and will include four faculty representatives (one from each college plus one from either the School of Nursing or Library Services) appointed from the faculty-at-large by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, one Foundation Board representative appointed by the Foundation Board president, one student representative appointed by the president of the SGA, one DSU alumnus appointed by the President of the Alumni Association, one DSU faculty emeritus appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Faculty Senate Chair, and one college/school dean appointed on a rotating basis annually.

No prize winner will be eligible to receive another prize in the same category for at least three years. Additionally, no individual may win in more than one category during the same year.

The six faculty awards will be presented in conjunction with the winter meeting of the DSU Foundation Board, which typically occurs in February. The faculty will receive a check and plaque. The University Relations office will be charged with publicity for the awards.
 Criteria for the Excellence in Teaching Award
1.      campus-wide reputation for excellence as classroom teacher
2.      course evaluations by students
3.      department chair evaluations for teaching
4.      reputation for teaching excellence among faculty peers
5.      other evidence in support of teaching excellence (awards, special recognition)
6.      innovative practices in teaching
7.      mentoring/assisting students who have won awards or contests for their academic work
8.      feedback from alumni
Criteria for the Excellence in Research Award
1.      scholarly books published by reputable press
2.      creative works of literature, music, or art with national audience
3.      funded research grants
4.      publications in refereed journals
5.      scholarly presentations or readings of creative writing at national professional meetings
6.      creative works of literature, art, or music with regional audience
7.      publications in non-refereed journals
8.      scholarly presentations or readings of creative writing at regional professional meetings
9.      editing national, regional, state, or local journals
10.  creative works of art, music, or literature with state/local audience
11.  scholarly presentations or readings of creative writing at state professional meetings
12.  supervision of student research projects
Criteria for the Excellence in Service Award
1.      funded grants targeted toward enhancement of DSU service mission
2.      leadership role in professional organizations at national levels
3.      leadership role in professional organizations at regional levels
4.      leadership role in professional organizations at state levels
5.      leadership role in major university service initiatives (ex: accreditation)
6.      development of initiatives that bring students to campus
7.      development of discipline-specific initiatives such as conferences and workshops that bring groups to campus
8.      development of partnerships that address education and quality of life issues in the DSU service area
9.      community service
10.  consulting


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  • Revised by Vice President for Academic Affairs: April 11, 1985
  • Revised by Academic Council: February 3, 2003
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