Emeritus Status – Staff


Emeritus status is a unique, high honor accorded to full-time staff members retiring from university service who have an exemplary record during at least ten (10) consecutive years of service at Delta State University. To be considered for this high honor, staff employees must demonstrate noteworthy contributions throughout their career at Delta State University. Emeritus status is a privilege, not a right of any retired staff member.


: employee who has retired from active professional duty or assigned duties, but retains the title of the employee’s office or position with the additional title of “emeritus”.


A staff emeritus appointment is based upon an individual retiring in good standing, with a minimum of ten (10) years of total service to the University. The employee must have made extraordinary and meritorious contributions and performance to the fulfillment of the mission and programs of the University.

Procedure for Appointment

All staff employees in good standing who have served at least ten (10) consecutive years at Delta State University shall be eligible for emeritus status in their final year of service, once their official date of retirement has been determined. The procedure is outlined below:

  1. Human Resources will notify department heads by February 1 of each year of any staff members who are retiring and eligible for emeritus status.
  2. Also, faculty and staff may submit nomination letters to the to the department head.
  3. The nominee’s department head will timely assess the merits of the eligible staff member and determine if a recommendation for emeritus status should be submitted.
  4. If a recommendation is warranted, the department head will submit the written recommendation that includes a record of service to the Chair of the Administrative Staff Council by March 1.
  5. The Chair of the Administrative Staff Council will call a meeting of the Staff Council Executive Committee to discuss/approve staff emeritus nominees.
  6. Once approved, the Chair of the Administrative Staff Council will present the recommended nominees to the President’s Cabinet, no later than March 15, for approval.
  7. The President will make the final decision regarding the designation of staff emeritus status, and will notify the recipient by May 1, if so approved.

In the event a staff member’s nomination is received after the February 1 deadline, the staff member may be considered the following academic year.

If any special circumstances occur, special requests should be made through the division/department to the department head and the appropriate Vice President.

Benefits of Emeritus Status

Staff Emeritus recipients will receive all privileges provided to a retiree of Delta State University. In addition, the University is encouraged to include holders of the emeritus status in all appropriate activities and functions. New staff emeritus recipients will be recognized at the end of each fiscal year.

Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Human Resources






Change/Review/Approval Date:

Revised:  04/01/2014
Approved by Cabinet:  05/08/2014
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Revised: 04/14/2021 (Administrative Staff Council)
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