Professional Leave


Subsequent to May 14, 1984, any member who is granted professional leave without compensation for professional purposes directly related to the employment in state service shall receive creditable service for the period of professional leave without compensation provided procedures are followed as outlined in the Procedures and Responsibilities section.

  1. The professional leave is performed with a public institution or public agency of this state, or another state or federal agency;

  2. The employer approves the professional leave showing the reason for granting the leave and makes a determination that the professional leave will benefit the employee and employer;
  3. Such professional leave shall not exceed two (2) years during any ten-year period of state service;
  4. The employee shall serve the employer on a full-time basis for a period of time equivalent to the professional leave period granted immediately following the termination of said leave period;
  5. The member shall pay to the retirement system the actuarial cost as determined by the actuary for each year of professional leave;
  6. Such other rules and regulations consistent herewith as the Board may adopt and in case of question, the Board shall have final power to decide the question. 
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