Military Leave



In accordance with the laws of the State of Mississippi, all employees who are members of the National Guard or any reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States who are ordered to duty for training or exercises are entitled to military leave.




Employee: This generally includes faculty and staff employees who are working on paid appointments by the University. It generally excludes students or temporary employees. For specific information on who is considered an employee, contact the Human Resources Department. 


Supervisor: An employee designated by management who exercises major supervisory functions over another employee or employees. These functions include hiring, evaluating, assigning work, and disciplining employees.




The first 15 days of military leave in any calendar year is with pay. Employees may be granted personal leave for the period in excess of 15 days by the department/unit head. If the employee does not wish to utilize accrued personal leave or if personal leave is exhausted, the employee must be granted leave without pay for the period of time in excess of 15 days. Approval for military leave must be secured in advance from the President. A copy should be filed with the Human Resources Department.


Employees requesting military leave must:

·        Submit to the department head a letter requesting leave with attached copy of orders.

·        Indicate on the request letter the dates of military leave (not to exceed 15 days per calendar year), the dates of personal leave or leave without pay.

·        If the leave of absence without pay exceeds one month, employees should contact the Human Resources Department, regarding continuation of benefits during the approved leave of absence.



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