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State Employees’ Health Insurance Plan



Delta State University provides health coverage to eligible employees at no cost from their beginning date of employment.




Employee: This generally includes faculty and staff employees who are working on paid appointments by the University. It generally excludes students or temporary employees. For specific information on who is considered an employee, contact the Human Resources Department. 


Supervisor: An employee designated by management who exercises major supervisory functions over another employee or employees. These functions include hiring, evaluating, assigning work, and disciplining employees.




The State Health Insurance Plan is provided to regular full-time employees (except retirees hired on an emergency basis) at no cost from their beginning date of employment. Eligible employees may also insure their dependents in the health plan by paying the premium cost for the covered dependents.


Health insurance coverage is guaranteed in instances of employment, birth, adoption, or marriage if application for coverage is received within 31 days of the event. Eligible dependents may be added at any time provided coverage has not been discontinued during the same calendar year in which application is made. The addition of eligible dependents at times other than upon employment or a change in family status will require proof of insurability.


Coverage ceases on the last day of the month in which employees terminate their employment. Employees may elect to purchase a continuation of coverage under COBRA.


Continuation of Group Health Coverage

Coverage may be continued by employees while on leave of absence without pay for a period not to exceed one year. Employees must, however, pay the full cost of insurance coverage during the leave.


Retirees may elect to keep the State & School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan coverage. The Human Resources Department advises employees during the retirement process of this coverage, of the premium rates, and of the method by which premium deductions are made. Employees’ health insurance records should be kept up-to-date as personal conditions require changes in coverage. Changes should be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department.



Claim forms and filing instructions for payment of benefits by the State & School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan are available from the Human Resources Department. Claims should be filed immediately following the date health services are received by the insured. To receive benefits under the plan, claims must be submitted no later than December 31 of the following year after health services are received. Problems relating to late payment or non-payment of claims and/or interpretation of claim settlement documents should be referred to the Human Resources Department.


9-11 Month Employees

Employees whose normal work schedule is comprised of fewer than twelve months per year are eligible for continuation of health and life insurance coverage during the months they are not working provided they intend to return to work at the end of the time off.


Premiums will be paid for the entire year by escrowing employees’ and University’s share of the premiums, as applicable, during the regular employment period.



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