Senior Citizen Tuition-Free


Effective Summer Term 1, 2002, Delta State University will offer tuition-free courses to senior citizens, age 60 or older.


Tuition-free courses are offered on a “space-available” basis. Therefore, registration for senior citizens will be on the first day of class or any time during late registration.

To participate as a non-degree student, minimum admission requirements must be met and proof
of age furnished. To participate on a degree-seeking basis, full admissions requirements must be met and proof of age furnished.
  1. The student must complete an application for admissions, provide required documentation, and show proof of age.
  2. The student must enroll after the first day of registration through the Division of Continuing Education at 846-4027. There is a $50 registration fee per course.
  3. On-campus students will then report to Human Resources to have their tuition waived.
  4. The Continuing Education Office will contact Human Resources to have tuition waived for off-campus students.
  5. Students must purchase any books or materials required for courses.
  6. A student operating a car on campus will need to purchase a parking decal.
  7. A student wishing to enroll in a course with stated prerequisites should contact the instructor prior to enrolling to ensure the necessary prerequisites have been met or may be waived.
  8. The tuition-free policy applies to all credit courses taught by Delta State University at all locations. The student may enroll in a maximum of 15 hours per semester.
  • Academic Council Meeting Minutes: 2/27/02