Withdrawal from the University

Students at Delta State University wishing to withdraw from the University must follow the procedures listed in this policy. Withdrawal may carry financial and academic penalties.
Students wishing to withdraw from the University must confer with their advisor prior to completing the required withdrawal form offered by the Registrar’s Office.
Proper signatures from the Director of Student Financial Assistance, Director of Counseling, Director of Library Services, Dean of the appropriate college or school, Director of Housing and Residence Life, Vice President for Student Affairs, Registrar, and the Student Business Services must be affixed to the withdrawal form. The completed form must be presented to the Student Business Services’ Office before the student is officially withdrawn.
When students withdraw, they are expected to vacate their rooms and turn in their identification cards on the day of withdrawal. Refund or any payment due is made in the University Student Business Services’ Office. Honorable dismissal is withheld from those who do not conform to these regulations.
A student who withdraws from the University after the fourth week of the semester and who is not passing at least nine hours is subject to Academic Probation or Academic Suspension.
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