Instructional Resources

Delta State University provides publications and services to assist faculty and students in the instructional process.
The continuous planning by the faculty of courses to meet the aims and objectives of the university is summarized and recorded in catalogs and class schedules. These documents are produced in the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Catalogs and bulletins are issued every year. Bound copies of all volumes may be found in the University Library.
Class schedules, undergraduate and graduate, are issued each semester and are available on the web. 
Books and instructional materials needed by the students will be available in the University Bookstore.  No member of the faculty or staff is to sell directly to the student any textbooks, manuals, syllabi, or other articles for classroom use.
Requisitions for the purchase of textbooks originate with division/department chair on the form Textbook Requisition.  Accurate completion of the form necessitates consultation with the University Textbook Coordinator. The Textbook Coordinator serves as the primary contact for faculty and chairs and as the official clearinghouse for all textbook information.  While some textbook adoption information, including changes, may be discussed via phone or in person with various bookstore employees, all textbook adoptions and changes must be subsequently submitted on a timely basis and in writing to the Textbook Coordinator.
Faculty can assist this process by submitting written textbook adoptions, changes, and related information to the respective Chair.  The Chair will then forward written textbook adoptions and/or changes to the Textbook Coordinator on a timely basis.  The Textbook Coordinator will distribute the textbook adoption forms and change information to the bookstores.
It is expected that faculty members will encourage students to purchase the textbooks ordered for their individual classes.
Writing Center
The Writing Center, under the direction of the English faculty, is a campus-wide service providing consultation to undergraduate and graduate students and to faculty on any of their writing projects. Faculty members are encouraged to refer to the Center those students who need or want to improve their writing skills.
Students accepted through alternate admissions complete a ten-week course of study during the summer prior to their freshman year. This program consists of twelve (12) semester hours of developmental studies courses (MAT 090, ENG 090, CRD 090, and GED 090) and is designed to strengthen mathematics, English, reading and study skills. During their fall and spring semester, these students continue an academic support program in the lab.