Grade Forgiveness


This policy outlines the conditions where a former student may have up to 16 credits excluded from their grade point average.




An undergraduate student who has not been enrolled at Delta State University for 18 consecutive months may improve his or her overall GPA by applying for forgiveness or exclusion on grades for a maximum of five Delta State University courses (not to exceed 16 credit hours) in which the student received a grade of C, D or F. If approved, these grades will remain on the student’s permanent record, but the forgiven or excluded course grades will not count towards any degree requirement and will not be used to calculate the GPA. Any required courses approved for grade forgiveness must be retaken to earn credit towards the degree. The original course will be recorded with both the grade earned and the symbol R to denote that the course grade has been removed from the student’s GPA calculation.

The student must complete the Request for Grade Forgiveness form found on the Registrar’s web page and submit the form to the dean of the college or school housing the student’s declared major. Upon approving, the dean will forward the form to the Registrar and copy the communication to the student. If the dean does not approve, the dean will communicate the denial to the student; the student may appeal by forwarding the request, along with the dean’s communication, to the Registrar’s office for review by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Forgiveness of a course grade will not change notations concerning academic standing or honors in the student’s official record for the semester containing the forgiven course. The Grade Forgiveness policy cannot be used to change the academic history of previously earned degrees.

The Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner:  Academic Affairs




Policy Effective Date: 01/11/2021

Approved by Cabinet: 01/11/2021