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Curriculum Development and Revision


All academic development and change will be effected according to the policy and procedures as described herein and as required by IHL Academic Guidelines, IHL policy, and all applicable accreditation policy.



Academic Council: The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs heads the Academic Council, which includes the academic deans and other academic administrators. All DSU academic policies, academic programs, and academic units are under the leadership of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Academic development and change: Includes additions, revisions, edits, and deletions to academic courses, curricula, programs, degrees, or units.

IHL: Institutions of Higher Learning, State of Mississippi (Board of Trustees)

SACSCOC: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, the regional accrediting body for the University.



To ensure broad input into the academic offerings at the institution, academic development and change will take place according to the following steps.

The departmental curriculum committee (faculty) may recommend academic development and change to courses, curricula, programs, degrees, or units. Departmental changes are requested in a process that moves from the departmental curriculum committee, to the department chair/director, (to a college oversight committee or council, if applicable – teacher education, for example), to the college/school dean, and to Academic Council for approval. Change requests will be submitted on the University’s Course Request Form, Curriculum Request Form, or Course Fee Request Form and/or may require an IHL Appendix Form.

Other designated curriculum development units that do not report directly to an academic unit (General Education Committee, for example), may recommend academic development and change to the Provost/ Office of Academic Affairs. The Provost will submit such requests to Academic Council.

Academic Council will act on all curriculum requests and ensure that all applicable policies and procedures are followed, including, for example, federal requirements regarding credit hour designations.

Course change does not require submission to IHL or SACSCOC for approval. Changes to curricula, programs, degrees, and/or units may or may not require submission to IHL for approval (See IHL guidelines and SACS substantive change policy for clarification). If submission to IHL is not required, changes will be implemented at the institution in the timeframe as approved by Academic Council.

If the change requires IHL approval, and once Academic Council approval is granted, the Office of Academic Affairs will prepare documents to be submitted by the President to IHL, according to the IHL guidelines.  Once IHL approval is granted, the Accreditation Liaison will review all changes for substantive change issues and will prepare documents, if required, for the President to submit to SACSCOC for approval. Those changes not requiring SACSCOC approval will be implemented at the institution in the timeframe as approved by IHL.

Once SACSCOC approval is granted, changes will be implemented at the institution in the timeframe as approved by SACSCOC.

Records of all changes will be maintained in Academic Council Minutes, and copies of all documents will be maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs


  • 06-12-2012 (Academic Council Minutes)
  • IHL Academic Guidelines and forms

  • SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy

  • University Substantive Change Policy

  • University Credit Hour Policy

  • University Course Request Form

  • University Curriculum Request Form

  • University Course Fee Request Form




Policy Effective Date:

06-12-2012 (Approved, Academic Council)