Class Absences and Excuses

Each student is directly responsible to the individual instructor for absences and for make up work missed. 
Students who are not present at the first class meeting will be dropped from the roll unless they have paid their fees or have contacted the teacher. Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes and activities is expected of all students and is regarded as integral to course credit.
Particular policies and procedures on absences and makeup work are established for each class and are announced in writing at the beginning of the term. Each student is directly responsible to the individual professor for absences and for making up work missed. A student absent from class when a test is scheduled is entitled to a makeup test if evidence is presented to the instructor that absence was due to illness or death in the immediate family.
A student who has been reported as having excessive absences has the right to appeal to the Attendance and Grievance Appeals Committee and may continue to meet class with the permission of the Committee during the appeal period. For more information about the appeal process, contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Official Absence
Official absences are granted to students required to miss class for University sponsored events such as athletics, performing groups, and student government groups. Students are required to come to the Academic Affairs office for verification of an official absence if the student is required by a faculty member to provide confirmation to complete make-up tests and/or assignments. Commuting students are excused from classes during periods of time when the Weather Bureau has issued a weather advisory for hazardous driving conditions. For these absences, which are authorized by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, students are entitled to make up any work missed. 
Health Absences
This policy encourages a student to present to the Student Health Center at the time a decision is made to not attend a class due to illness. When a student arrives before the class is missed, the nursing staff has the opportunity to administer medication, to admit the student to bed, or encourage the student to attend class. When a student is admitted to bed, then the nurse has an occasion to help speed the student’s recovery in order for student to return to the classroom. Recognizing that health impacts the student’s ability to learn and to continue personal growth, the Health Center uses each interaction to assist the students to prevent illness, regain health, find meaning in illness, or to maintain the highest possible degree of health.
A written excuse obtained from the Student Health Center does not guarantee class assignment or exam can be made up. It is just a statement that the student was in bed during the times and dates on the written excuse.
Delta State University has an established class attendance policy that students must attend a minimum of 75 percent of all scheduled classes and activities. If the instructor requires evidence of illness in the form of a written excuse, an excuse will be provided for time spent in bed at the Health Center. If the student saw a health care provider off campus, the student should obtain an excuse from that health care provider.
Students must present DSU ID as part of the check-in process. The student name and time of check-in will be recorded on the Daily Record. The student’s chart will be timed and dated by a Health Center employee.
The time and date of admission will be recorded in the admission book. The time and date of discharge will be recorded in the admission book. Upon discharge, the nurse will write the date and time of admission and the date and time of discharge on the excuse and document in student’s chart that an excuse was given.    
When presenting student with a written excuse, the nurse is to remind the student that the absence is still counted as a cut. The student will be advised to show the excuse to instructors of all classes missed. The student will be advised to consult class syllabus for information concerning make-up work.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with the Student Excuse policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty to be familiar with the Student Excuse policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the Health Center employee to properly document time and dates of visits, admissions, and discharges of all students utilizing the Health Center’s services.
  • Delta State University Student Handbook
  • Bulletin of Delta State University
  • Class Syllabus