Attendance of Online Classes

student is considered in attendance of an online class when they meet certain criteria.

Online instruction is defined by IHL as education or training in which at least 51% of the content of a course is electronically delivered to a student who is separated from the instructor and has no regularly scheduled campus class meetings.


For purposes of financial aid and enrollment, a student will be considered to be in attendance in an online class when the individual 1) p
articipates in online discussions about academic matters; or 2) initiates contact with faculty to ask questions about subject studies; or 3) completes assignments; or 4) takes tests. Logging into an online course without active participation does not constitute attendance. 

The last date of attendance will be the date the student last logged into the course and met one of the four criteria above.  

A student in an online course must follow the standard procedure for dropping the class.  

NO-SHOW Status: Students who have logged into an online course but have not actively participated will be reported as ‘No Shows’ according to the university’s No-Show procedure.

Responsible Office and/or the Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs 

  • Academic Council, August 9, 2011 


Policy Effective Date: August 9, 2011

Approval Date: August 9, 2011