Academic Standing


A student will be classified in good academic standing if the institutional grade point average on Delta State University work and the overall grade point average are 2.00 or greater at the end of each semester. Academic standing is noted on the student’s permanent record and on student grade reports. Some programs may have higher grade point average standards for admission or completion of the program.




Academic Probation.  Academic probation serves as a notice that academic suspension from the university will follow unless the quality of academic work improves.  Students are placed on academic probation when the institutional GPA OR the cumulative GPA is less than 1.8 for freshmen, 1.9 for sophomores, 2.0 for juniors and seniors.

The probationary status is removed when the student achieves the institutional GPA and the cumulative GPA indicative of “Good Academic Standing” (see above).

Students on academic probation are limited to enroll for a maximum of 15 hours in the regular semester.  Enrollment beyond 15 hours must be approved by the student’s advisor, chair, and dean.  The student will be expected to use the resources of the University for assistance in returning to Good Academic Standing.

Academic Suspension.  Students on probation are suspended for one regular semester at the end of any Fall or Spring semester during which a semester GPA of at least 1.6 for freshmen, 1.8 for sophomores, and 2.0 for juniors and seniors is not achieved.

The University currently has two regular semesters (Fall and Spring).  The academic deans shall have discretion to consider as a regular semester the summer session, which comprises May intersession and both summer terms.

Students readmitted after suspension will be placed on probation, with all requirements of the probationary period as noted, until the “Good Academic Standing” is reached or academic suspension is again indicated.

Students having two academic suspensions are suspended for two regular semesters.  Any student on academic suspension shall see his/her respective college dean for registration approval.


Suspended students who have met the conditions for readmission should contact the College /School Dean regarding reinstatement. Students with extenuating circumstances who wish a hearing should contact the appropriate college or school dean. Appeals may be filed with the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Academic Dismissal

Students having three academic suspensions are dismissed from the University. They may appeal to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for readmission after a period of three years.

Academic Probation Trigger Academic Probation Reinstatement to Good Standing Academic Suspension Trigger (During Probation) Academic Suspension Period Academic Dismissal Trigger
Institutional or cumulative GPA < 2.00 Must maintain at least an institutional and cumulative 2.00 GPA Semester GPA<1.6 (freshman)GPA <1.8 (sophomores)GPA<2.00 juniors & above) First suspension – one regular semester or full summer Second suspension – two regular semesters (can include full summer) On third academic suspension

Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs






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Academic Council: 03-08-2011; 01-30-2020
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