Academic Offerings


Delta State University provides various degrees, majors, and minors requiring specific requirements as determined by the Office of Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs and in accordance with the IHL Board of Trustees.




Academic Offerings

Quantitative and qualitative requirements for the various degrees, major, and minors are located in the catalog under “Course Requirements.” Likewise, descriptions of course offerings, as well as the suggested curriculum for each degree of the pre-professional program, are located in the catalog sections that relate to the various divisions and departments.

Schedule of Classes

A schedule of classes should be chosen with extreme care. Fee penalties applicable to program changes are described in the official catalogs in the section “Financial Information, Special Fees.”

The following regulations apply to changes in schedule:

  1. The last day to add a course is the seventh class day of a semester (second class day, summer term). (See Academic Calendar.)
  2. The last day to drop a course without receiving a grade of W and financial penalty is the 10th class day of a semester (3rd class day, summer term).  (See Academic Calendar)
  3. To add or drop a course, a student must complete an Add or Drop form from the Registrar’s Office web page. In order to ensure timely graduation, students are discouraged from dropping general education courses.
  4. No course registration may be changed to/from Credit/Audit without permission of the instructor. (See Academic Calendar) A request to audit a course must be declared during the registration/add period.
  5. The last day to present a request for withdrawal from a course will be Friday of the tenth week of the regular semester or the Thursday prior to the last week of class of a summer session. (See Academic Calendar)  Withdrawing from a course by the deadline results in a grade of “W.” After the withdrawal deadline, students receive the grade they earn in the course.
  6. Fees applicable to schedule changes are given in the section titled Financial Information, Special Fees.

The “Schedule of Classes” is prepared by the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs from information supplied by the various chairs of divisions and departments to deans of the colleges and schools. Faculty must recognize the practical need of a balanced schedule which may result in the teaching of classes at times other than those desired by the staff, especially late afternoon and/or evening classes.

Class schedule changes (lists of closed, reopened, or new sections) are issued from time to time during early registration and registration. Faculty who advise students should assure themselves of the correctness of the class schedule information they provide students. The correct version of the schedule is available on-line on the Delta State University website.


Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Academic Affairs



  • Academic Calendar
  • University Catalogs (UG and GR) – Change of Schedule



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