Traffic and Parking


The Board of Trustees, State Institutions of Higher Learning of Mississippi, approves the establishment of traffic rules and regulations for the control, direction, parking, and general regulations of traffic of all motor vehicles on the campus of Delta State University.

These regulations are an official part of the General University Administrative Regulations. All students and employees by their enrollment or acceptance of employment are subject to said administration regulations.


: A formal process through which individuals can contest parking violation citations by presenting evidence or explanations supporting their case.

Designated Parking Zones: Specified areas within the campus parking lots where vehicles are allowed to be parked based on permit categories, time restrictions, and accessibility needs.

Fines: Monetary penalties assessed for violations of parking and traffic regulations.

Handicap Parking: Parking spaces reserved for vehicles displaying valid handicap permits or license plates issued by relevant authorities to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Parking Permit: A valid authorization issued by DSUPD that grants the holder the privilege to park a motor vehicle on designated campus parking areas.

Temporary Parking Permit: A short-term authorization for visitors or guests to park on campus. These permits are typically issued for a limited duration and specific parking areas.


The Delta State University Police Department

The Delta State University Police Department (DSUPD) is in 108 Bailey Hall. The DSUPD encourages students, faculty, staff, and visitors to seek their assistance on all matters concerning traffic regulations and campus security.

In accordance with Title 37-105-9 of the Mississippi Code, officers within the DSUPD are vested with the powers and subjected to the duties of a constable for the purpose of preventing and punishing all violations of law on university or college grounds and for preserving order and decorum thereon.

The DSUPD operates 24 hours a day. The department is comprised of certified law enforcement officers consisting of a Chief of Police, eight other officers varying in rank, and administrative support staff. The DSUPD does and shall continue to have a good working relationship with local, county, state, and federal agencies in all areas of law enforcement.

Motor Vehicle Registration

  • Students and employees who park their motor vehicles on the campus must register their vehicles with the DSUPD. The University will not be responsible for providing parking spaces for registered vehicles, nor can the University be held responsible for any damages to vehicles or occupants while vehicles are on campus.
  • A parking permit for a vehicle shall be effective from the date of purchase through date published on the physical permit.
  • Parking permits must be permanently affixed to the outside of the lower left corner of the rear window or left rear bumper or the fender of motorcycles.
  • The cost of a parking permit shall be listed in the Tuition and Fees section of the University website and/or publications.
  • Recipients will at all times be responsible for the parking permit issued to them. If a vehicle is sold or traded within the school year, a current parking permit may be removed (place pieces on a scrap of paper) and presented to the DSUPD where a new parking permit may be obtained for $1.00; otherwise, there will be a charge of the full registration fee.
  • You may obtain up to two (2) temporary parking permits per term for each vehicle you have registered. The temporary permits may be issued for a minimum of one (1) business day or a
    maximum of ten (10) business days. Persons using borrowed vehicles must obtain a temporary campus permit which will be issued at no charge. Such permits should be obtained immediately after the arrival of the vehicle on the campus. The temporary permit should be affixed to the lower left side of the rear window.

    • Upon a third request for a temporary pass for the same vehicle, persons must register this second vehicle for a regular parking permit.
    • If employees or students will be alternating cars throughout the semester, they are encouraged to purchase parking permits for all cars.
  • Students changing from a commuter to a campus housing status or from a campus housing status to commuter, etc., may remove a current parking permit and exchange it for the needed type for $1.00. The parking permit on your vehicle should always reflect your current status as a student: failure to make the proper changes may result in parking tickets and/or charges through the student conduct process.
  • DEALER TAGS: Persons wanting to register vehicles displaying dealer tags will not be sold a Delta State parking permit. A free temporary parking permit may be obtained for a vehicle with a
    dealer tag when your currently registered vehicle is in the shop and the dealer has supplied you with a dealer vehicle.

    • You must present a statement on the dealership’s letterhead advising that you have been loaned such a vehicle while your currently registered vehicle is being worked on to obtain a
      temporary permit. Without this letter, we will not issue a temporary permit. Temporaries will not be issued beyond ten business days from the date of the letter.
  • RENTAL TAG: Persons wanting to register vehicles displaying rental tags will not be sold a Delta State Parking permit. A free temporary parking permit may be obtained for a vehicle with a rental tag while your currently registered vehicle is in the shop for repair.
  • HANDICAP DECALS: Students/Employees who need access to handicap parking areas on campus must obtain a green Delta State University Handicap Decal in addition to their regular parking permit. To obtain one, simply present a recent statement on letterhead from your physician advising your handicap or a copy of your state issued handicap permit, etc., to the DSUPD. Anyone with a handicap permit may park in any legal parking space on the Delta State campus.
    • Please Note: This supplemental decal allows DSUPD to distinguish between those who really need the handicap areas and those who do not need the handicap parking access but are
      simply using a relative’s car that is marked with a handicap tag, etc.
  • Delta State reserves the right to regulate further the use of motor vehicles on the campus or to forbid the use of motor vehicles by a student or employee who refuses to abide by the parking and traffic regulations.
    • Vehicles which accumulate three (3) or more outstanding violations are subject to being immobilized.
    • Immobilized vehicles may be towed after (5) business days if fines remain unpaid.
      • An additional citation will be levied at the time of immobilization.
    • To operate a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege, not a right, subject to the regulations set forth by the Board of Trustees and administered by the University.
  • Vehicles with student or employee parking permits which are repeatedly ticketed for the same violation are subject to being immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense after a third ticket for the same violation has been issued- regardless of whether the prior tickets are outstanding or have been paid in full.
  • Any violations cited against a permit number will be charged to the person to whom the permit was issued.

Parking Regulations

  • Motor vehicles are to be parked on the campus and streets of Delta State University only in the areas designated as parking areas, in such a manner, at such a place, and for such time as may be indicated on appropriate signs or markers. Zoned areas are provided by number as follows:
    • Zone 1               Employee Permit
    • Zone 2               Residential Permit
    • Zone 3               Commuter Permit
    • Zone 6               Any Permit
  • These zones are marked and used only as indicated above. Zone violators will be ticketed.
  • Only one parking permit may be visible on vehicles.
  • Parking restrictions are in effect in:
    • Zone 1               From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
    • Zone 4               From 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • It is a violation of parking regulations to:
    • Park in the wrong zone.
    • Park in any area where curbing is painted yellow.
    • Park in a manner so as to block a drive or walkway or impede the flow of pedestrian traffic.
    • Park out of marked lanes.
    • Park on the grass.
    • Double park.
    • Park facing traffic.
    • Park any vehicle, boat trailer, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, or any other contraption of this nature in any parking space or around apartments over a long period of time. Parking of this nature
      must have permission of the Delta State Police Chief. Any vehicle, trailer, or other contraption violating this section shall be towed away at owner’s expense.
    • Park in a space marked “Reserved”, “Visitor”, “For Handicapped”, or “Bailey Child Care”. These spaces are not to be used for dropping off or picking up passengers during any type of
    • Park in the mail drive.
    • Back into a parking slot or pull through a parking slot.
  • Drivers of all DSU-owned vehicles should comply with all traffic and parking regulations.
  • No employee or student can advise a person to park illegally.
  • No unauthorized motor vehicle or bicycle may park in a posted handicapped parking place or block or obstruct access to such a parking place.

Driving Regulations and Violations

  • The owner of a vehicle is responsible for the vehicle at all times.
  • Driving regulations are in effect at all times.
  • The campus speed limit is fifteen (15) miles per hour for all motor vehicles unless otherwise marked. However, safe driving is the principal regulation.
  • All operators of any motor vehicle must:
    • Have in their possession a valid operator’s license.
    • Have a valid, up to date license plate (tag) on vehicle in plain view.
    • Have children restrained in a proper child safety restraint as per Mississippi Code #63-7-301.
  • It is a violation of driving regulations to:
    • Drive more than the speed limits.
    • Fail to heed traffic signs.
    • Fail to come to a complete stop and proceed with caution at a stop sign.
    • Operate a vehicle in a careless or irresponsible manner or while under the influence of intoxicating liquors, narcotic drugs, or any other mind-altering agent.
    • Move a vehicle from the scene of an accident until given permission by the investigating officer.
    • To drive around any barricade unless otherwise directed by a member of the University Police Department.
    • Drive on the grass.
    • Operate a vehicle in such a manner as to make or cause to make any type loud or offensive noise including continuous horn blowing, car radio and unauthorized use of a public address
    • Fail to report immediately to the DSUPD any accident or collision on the campus or streets of Delta State University.
    • Fail to obey the same traffic regulations while riding, operating, or parking any bicycle or non-motor vehicle.
    • Operate a motorcycle or motorbike on any Delta State University property without a standard crash helmet securely fastened upon the head of the driver. Each passenger on the vehicle
      must wear a helmet.
    • Operate a bicycle, motorcycle, or a motorbike when traveling at night without any operational headlights and taillight. A bicycle may use a reflector instead of taillight.

Bicycle Registration and Usage


  • Employees or students may register their bicycles for the sole purpose of having their number and
    description on record in case of theft.
  • Registration of bicycles will be done free of charge.


  • Any person, who rides, operates, or parks a bicycle or any other non-motor vehicle, including boats and trailer, on the campus shall be subject to all the terms and provisions of these regulations, except for those provisions which by their nature can have no application.
  • No person shall ride a bicycle on any sidewalk, walkway, or any other area of the campus customarily used by pedestrians.
  • No person shall park a bicycle in a walkway, on a sidewalk, in a hallway, or in or near a doorway except where use is made of a parking rack furnished by the University.
  • No person shall ride, operate, or park at night on the campus or streets of Delta State University a bicycle not equipped with headlight and tail-light or reflector.
  • No person who operates or drives a motorcycle, or other motor driven cycle having two or more wheels, shall carry any other person in or upon such vehicle on the campus unless such vehicle is equipped with:
    • A dual seat designed for two persons, or a separate passenger seat with a double footrest: or
    • A side car attachment providing a separate seat space for a passenger to be seated entirely within the attachment.
  • Operators of motor vehicles or bicycles may not park or stop so as to block or obstruct a handicap entrance on a sidewalk, street or into any building.
  • Every regulation herein applicable to anyone riding, operating, or parking a bicycle on the campus shall also apply to anyone riding, operating, or parking a motorcycle or motor scooter.

Administration of Traffic Violations

When violation of any rule or regulation set forth herein has been clearly established by waiver, voluntary admission, and /or by an official hearing, the offender shall be subject to a special administrative fee and/or shall be subject to disciplinary action.

After notice of a violation, an appeal may be made within seven (7) business days from the citation issue date. If the citation is unpaid after seven (7) business days and is not submitted for appeal, the citation is subject to be turned over for collection. Citation may be appealed online.

Employee Appeal

Citation appeals for employees shall be heard by the Chief of Police. Upon the decision of the Chief, an  employee may choose to appeal the Chief’s decision to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The decision of the Vice President is final.

Student Appeal

Citation appeals for students shall be heard by the Student Government Association (SGA) Student Court, which is presided by the annually elected SGA Chief Justice. Once an appeal is submitted, the SGA Student Court will convene at its earliest convenience. The SGA Student Court is empowered by the University to hear enrolled student parking violation appeals. Failure to appear will result in the requirement that the citation be paid in full.

Violations of law involving moving vehicles are not heard by the SGA Student Court.

  • The following reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for appealing a traffic ticket:
    • Ignorance of regulations
    • Inability to find a legal parking space
    • No space available
    • Inclement weather
    • Late for class
    • Improperly displayed parking permit
    • Failure to purchase a parking permit
  • In lieu of the above procedure, the violation ticket may be taken to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court.
  • After proper notification via physical written or electronic communication to a Delta State University email, any person who fails to surrender one’s registration parking permit or who
    operates or parks a motor vehicle on Delta State University property after the date which such privileges have been suspended shall have one’s vehicle towed off campus. This person shall be
    responsible for all costs incurred in towing and storing the vehicle. The University and its officials shall not be liable for any damage to the vehicle resulting from towing or storage thereof.
  • Any vehicle that is broken down and has been on campus for over one month will be removed from campus at the owner’s expense unless otherwise approved by the DSUPD Chief of Police.
  • Any vehicle that is illegally parked, abandoned, found on the campus with no license plate, no inspection sticker, or parked so as to constitute a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, shall be removed under the same stipulation as stated in Section VI., E. Mississippi Code, 1972.

General Traffic Regulations

  • Delta State University is located within the corporate limits of the City of Cleveland. DSUPD officers are full-time police officers certified by the State of Mississippi through the Mississippi
    Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy. Each officer meets the professional criteria as established by the state’s Minimum Standards Board.
  • Any student or employee who desires may take a violation ticket to the Bolivar County District II Justice Court. Appeals handled through the Justice Court will be charged through Mississippi Code No. 37-105-1.
  • Provisions effective July 1, 1972, require that all vehicles operated on the University streets be properly insured with a minimum of 10-20-5 by a reputable insurance company and that proof of insurance be kept in vehicle as per MS Code # 63-15-4-2a.
  • In addition to the aforesaid rules and regulations, all ordinances of the City of Cleveland and/or the laws of the State of Mississippi are in effect on all Delta State University property.

Review of Policy

Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs, this policy shall be reviewed at least every two (2) years in odd numbered years or as necessary. The policy review period will begin immediately following Spring Commencement ceremonies. The review and any edits must be approved by the University Cabinet no later than August 1 of the same year.


Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Vice President for Student Affairs






Revised/Approved by Cabinet: 09/05/2023

  • 1st Cabinet Reading: 08/28/2023
  • 2nd Cabinet Reading: 09/05/2023

Policy Effective Date: 09/05/2023