Key Handling Policy for Students


The Facilities Management Department at Delta State University provides key security and control for University students. This policy serves to identify the procedure for students acquiring a key to non-residential buildings and/or rooms on Delta State University’s campus.


An individual currently enrolled at Delta State University at the undergraduate or graduate level.



  • Students may request a key to non-residential buildings and/or rooms on Delta State University’s campus if sponsored by a department head. Students must demonstrate a reasonable need for key access – corroborated by the sponsoring department head – such as being involved in a research project that necessitates after hours access to a laboratory. The key request cannot be made for the sake of convenience. Additionally, keys to a University building may be issued upon the recommendation of a Dean or Vice President and building manager via a Key Request Form signed by both the student and sponsoring department head that is submitted to Facilities Management. A student’s signature on the Key Request Form constitutes an agreement with the University that the student will safeguard any keys (or codes), will not lend these keys to anyone else, will not reproduce these keys, and will not store them in any location which is accessible by anyone other than the student. A violation of this policy may subject the student to disciplinary action under the code of conduct and regulations governing student behavior.
  • The Key Request Form must be filled out in its entirety by the student and sponsoring department head and then presented to the Facilities Management Key Shop with an original signature by the student, building manager, and the Dean or Vice President. The original Key Request Form, with all necessary signatures, must be presented in order for a key to be issued to the student. No email or fax copies will be accepted. A student will be issued only one key per door. All incomplete, illegible, incorrect, or unsigned forms will be returned to the requesting department. Departments are encouraged to print or type all key requests for legibility. When a Key Request Form accompanied by a work-order is received, keys are cut. When the key(s) are ready, the student to be issued the key will be notified that their key(s) are ready for pickup. In order to receive keys, the student must bring their DSU OkraID card with their 900# when they pick up the key(s) from Facilities Management Key Shop at 1417 Maple Street. Records of all keys issued will be kept in a Key Tracking Log and will be maintained by Facilities Management Key Shop.
  • The student assumes the risk of entering a University building after normal business hours, with the understanding that the building may not have after hours security officers. The student will be required to sign a “hold harmless” document that states, “In consideration of my key request I agree on behalf of myself, my assigns, executors, and heirs, to release and hold harmless Delta State University from any and all liability, damage, and/or claim of any nature whatsoever arising from any and all responsibilities associated with being granted keyed access to the requested building(s).”

Lost Keys:

  • Because of the security risk, the loss or theft of any key must be reported immediately to the key holder’s sponsoring department head, Facilities Management, and the University Police Department. Departments that originated the key request will be assessed replacement charges for lost keys at the discretion of the Director of Facilities Management. The Director of Facilities Management will determine if re-keying of the locks or space is necessary at the individual or department’s expense. Repinned key cylinder (lost/stolen/damaged) will be assessed a charge of $15 plus labor to install and $10 for key replacement. Key(s) found hanging in a door or out on a desktop will be confiscated, returned to the Key Shop, and may be reissued.

Damaged Keys:

  • Individuals holding properly authorized keys may exchange damaged or worn keys at the Facilities Management Key Shop during normal working hours. If a key is broken in the lock, do NOT attempt to remove it. Please notify Facilities Management immediately for broken key extraction. Key may be replaced free of charge if broken from normal wear.

Return of Keys:

  • It is the responsibility of the department head or office head to assure that all keys are returned to the Key Shop upon the key holder’s 1.) Cessation of enrollment at Delta State University 2.) Termination of assignment requiring key holder to have the assigned key(s) or 3.) Change of assignment that makes it unnecessary for the key holder to have the assigned key(s).
  • All keys must be accounted for and returned. The student acknowledges and agrees that unreturned keys will result in the withholding of the student’s transcript(s). Deans, Vice Presidents and building managers will be notified by the Facilities Management Key Shop of missing keys or other key discrepancies. The Director of Facilities Management will determine when re-keying of locks or space is required when keys are not returned.


  • Students will be liable for property in areas where they are granted access.
  • Sponsoring department heads or office heads must keep a master list of students who have been issued keys.
  • Ultimately it is the responsibility of the department chair or office head to ensure proper return of keys, not withstanding the student’s responsibility.

Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner:

  • All keys are issued by the Delta State University Facilities Management Key Shop and will remain the property of the University.
  • Any exemptions, changes, or special provisions to this policy will be made only with the approval of the Director of Facilities Management.





Change/Review/Approval Date:

Policy Effective Date: 05/01/2017