Health Center

The O. W. Reily Health Center provides health care services to students, employees injured on the job, and under emergency circumstances to camp participants and visitors in accordance with the following established procedures.
The Health Center is the designated site for evaluation and completion of the proper forms for employees with work related injuries. Workman’s Compensation forms are generated at the center and sent to the Department of Human Resources.
Medicine: is limited to medicines purchased to meet the general needs of students. These medicines do not include medicines for specific chronic illnesses.
Medical services: are limited to nursing procedures similar to the cleaning and dressing of a wound. These medical services do not include laboratory tests or x-rays.
The O. W. Reily Health Center is open to all students enrolled full time at Delta State University. The purpose of the Health Center is to assist the individual student. As a student oriented facility, we strive to serve all ill students and to speed their recovery in order to return them to the classroom. We endeavor to help them learn to stay healthy so the absence from class and work will not be necessary. The Health Center provides twenty-four hour nursing care including weekends.    The Health Center maintains 16 patient beds for overnight or admitted students which is exclusive to the Delta State Campus. 
The Health Center offers medicine and medical services with no additional expense for the DSU students. Doctor services are rendered by the Cleveland Medical Alliance. Students with a health concern may call or come by the Health Center for help. Students must present a DSU ID in order to receive treatment.    As part of the Student Services, the service offered to the students is oriented towards keeping the student healthy in order to attend classes.
Any employee with a work related injury must report the injury to his/her supervisor and then to the University Health Center. The report must be made to the supervisor at the time of the injury. Proper forms will be completed and the injury will be reported to the Department of Human resources. The Health Center is the administrator of worker’s compensations forms for employees.
The health care of the Delta State University community is important. The university has adopted the role of First Aide provider for guests of the University.
Camp Participants
Camp participants on the Delta State Campus with an injury or illness may visit The Health Center for evaluation and referral. First Aide will be rendered, but not treatment or medications. If a camp participant needs medical attention, a camp chaperone must accompany the camper and the consent/release form must be signed by a legal guardian or parent.
  • It is the responsibility of the student, employee, or camp sponsor to be familiar with the Health Center Use Policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the on duty nurse to check for proper student ID, to document evaluation of injury or illness and treatment of student, and to instruct the student on follow-up care.
  • It is the responsibility of the on duty nurse to evaluate a worker’s injury, to complete the proper forms, and to report injury to the Department of Human Resources.
  • It is the responsibility of the camp sponsor to complete the consent/release form correctly and to inform the campers of the proper procedure for services offered by the Delta State University Health Center.
  • Campus Code of Conduct
  • University Standards and Regulations
  • Consent/release form