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Fund Raising and Solicitation of Private Funds


All fundraising activities for Delta State University must be done by, or in consultation with, the Delta State University Foundation, Inc. and must meet all Foundation fundraising guidelines.  This includes activities approved by the foundation and then carried out by others under the supervision of the foundation.


Fundraising Activities
: an organized activity, approved by the foundation, created for the purpose of raising funds through donations, silent auctions, concerts, online platforms, etc.


It shall be the responsibility of the Advancement Office, in consultation with the University President, to serve as the coordinating agency for all types of fundraising programs for Delta State.

Any on-campus request to undertake a fundraising project to solicit funds must first be reviewed by the appropriate Department Head, Dean, appropriate Vice President and then the Vice President for Advancement for approval before being implemented. All other requests to undertake a fundraising project or to solicit funds must first be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Advancement.

Any fundraising literature (including brochures, booklets, and letters) used to attract private and/or corporate funds to the university shall be coordinated through the Advancement Office to ensure dissemination of the most accurate information appropriate to a particular fundraising effort.

The Internal Revenue Service has defined guidelines regarding proper acknowledgement procedures and tax deductibility of monies donated to charitable institutions. These guidelines must be honored to maintain tax-exempt status. The Foundation Office maintains the most current version of these guidelines.

Responsible Office and/or Policy Owner: Office of Advancement






Revised/Approved by Academic Council: 04/25/2019
Revised/Approved by Cabinet: 05/22/2019; 08/21/2023