New Student Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register?
No there is no registration for Okratation and please just check your email for more information and assignment to a Group.

Is Okratation Mandatory?
The first event on August 10th at 8:00pm on the Quad called ICED is listed as mandatory so that you are able to pick up your swag bag, understand the schedule better, and get a chance to meet both your Okratation Group and Delta Diplomat.

Are there consequences if I do not attend?
There are no consequences should you be unable to make it to a particular session. However, we have created Okratation in order to help you acclimate to DSU and to give you lots of information to help you be successful before classes begin.

Who is Okratation for?
Okratation is for new students, transfers, and international students who are enrolled in Delta State for the first time. The online schedule clearly indicates the few events like Silent Disco where all of the DSU Community including returning students, friends, etc are welcome.

Do I need money for Okratation?
Okratation fees are already included into your billing so you won’t need to bring any extra money unless you want to eat outside of the scheduled times and locations or buy any other materials in the on campus bookstore and in Cleveland.

What if I am unable to attend the first event?
You will be able to pick up your materials in the Student Affairs Suite 307 on the third floor of the Union during regular business hours.

What should I bring or wear?
As you are already moving either onto campus or into the area, you should have all the items you need for Okratation? Keep in mind that it will be hot and you want to be covered and comfortable.

What if I am a non-traditional student, graduate student, or have other reasons why I cannot attend?
Okratation is meant to be fun and informative as well as to help you feel comfortable and like you belong here in the Delta State Community. It is not meant to impede or be a burden, so please make sure to take care of you and attend what you need to in order to join in now so you can stand out.

What happens if I attend all the sessions?
You will be very well oriented to the services, get to ask questions, win all kinds of swag, and be entered to win some great giveaways at the very last event.

Can I change Orientation Groups?
No. The Groups are predetermined and you will have plenty of time to socialize and engage with individuals in other groups throughout the daily Okratation events.