Media Services Online Reservation Form

Media Service Loan Process: The AV Media Services Department requires equipment requests at least 72 hours in advance. Equipment is available on a first come-first served basis. Please reserve your equipment at your earliest convenience as last minute requests cannot be honored. If you no longer require equipment that you requested, please cancel your request as early as possible so that others on a wait list may utilize the equipment.

Obtaining Equipment: It is the responsibility of the requesting party to pick up and return laptops/digital cameras (video and photo)/data projectors, regardless of the location. OIT Media Services Department delivers only to rooms in the academic buildings or for official University sponsored events on the DSU campus. OIT does not handle events held off the DSU campus. Should you need equipment in any other campus location you will need to pick up the equipment in Bailey 102 the day of the scheduled event. Additionally, you will need to return the equipment to the same location within 12 hours of event completion. We do not provide service to any of the residence halls.

OIT does not loan equipment to students. Students are not authorized to reserve/checkout equipment. Students needing equipment for official University events must have their faculty/staff sponsor request the equipment on their behalf. The sponsoring party assumes all responsibility for the safe return of the equipment. In the event damage or loss occurs the sponsoring party will be held financial liable for the replacement of the equipment.Students must leave a copy of their valid DSU Okra ID Card with the OIT Help Desk at the time of checkout. Equipment will not be loaned to students without appropriate sponsor authorization and signatures and verification from the sponsor that the use is an authorized for an official DSU event. OIT reserves the right to refuse service to those groups/individuals that consistently abuse or take inadequate care of University resources.

Training: You should know in advance how to operate the equipment that is being requested. Our staff may not be available to assist you during your event. However, you are more than welcome to make an appointment with a member of our staff to learn how to operate the equipment prior to using it in a classroom environment or for presentation purposes.

Responsibility for Equipment: AV equipment is your responsibility while it is in your custody. Please do not leave equipment unattended. Loss or damage of equipment while on loan is the responsibility of the individual/department to which it is on loan. Replacement costs of equipment will be charged to those individuals/departments who fail to return technology resources in the same state in which they were loaned. Please use every precaution to ensure the safety of technology equipment.

When making your request, be sure to include the following information:

  • your name, phone number and email address
  • the division/department where you are employed
  • the equipment that you are requesting (include training request if necessary)
  • the date the equipment request is being made
  • the date (or dates) that you will need the equipment
  • the class or event start time and end time
  • the time/date/location where you will take delivery of the equipment
  • any other pertinent information

Questions? Call OIT Help Desk @4444

Please note that this is a request for equipment only. Once a request is made, you will be contacted by an OIT staff member for confirmation of equipment availability.