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AHM Reza

Math and Sciences

Associate Professor Biology

Office: Walters 116D


  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University (2010)
  • M.Sc., Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh (2001)
  • B.Sc., Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh (1999)

Areas of Expertise

Wildlife Management | Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation | Prey-predator Relationship | Environmental Policy | Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity | Asian Biodiversity

Courses taught

  • BIO 221: Introduction to Wildlife Management
  • BIO 309: Environmental Regulation
  • BIO 321: Wildlife Techniques
  • BIO 459/559: Conservation Biology
  • BIO 461/561: Mammalogy
  • BIO 462/562: Ornithology
  • BIO 463/563: Wildlife Habitat Management
  • BIO 490: Capstone Seminar
  • BIO 492/592: Tropical Field Ecology


  • ‘Endeavor Executive Fellowship Award’, The Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training, Australia. (2018)
  • ‘Extraordinary Graduate Student Award’, Conservation Science, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. (2008)
  • ‘Ernst Mayr Award’ in animal systematics, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Massachusetts. (2007)
  • ‘Charles Stearns Memorial Award’, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California. (2006)
  • ‘Asian Scholarship Program Award’ in Chelonian conservation, New York Turtle and Tortoise Society, NY. (2004)

Recent Publications (Select)

  • Mukul, S.A., Alamgir, M., Sohel, M.S.I., Pert, P.L., Herbohn, J., Turton, S.M., Khan. M.S., Munim, S.A., Reza, A.H.M.A., and Laurance, W.F. 2019. Combined effects of climate change and sea-level rise project dramatic habitat loss of the globally endangered Bengal tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 663: 830-840.
  • Brewer, H., Patterson, A., Baghai-Riding, N. and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2018. Impact of urbanization on bird nest materials in the Mississippi Delta. Proceedings of the International Conference at Perm State University, Russia. 7-10 pp.
  • Ghose, A., Deb, J.C., Dakwa, K.B., Ray, J.P., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. Amphibian Assemblages in a Tropical Forest of Bangladesh. Herpetological Journal. Vol. 27(3): 318-325.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. and Perry. G. 2015. Herpetofaunal species richness in the tropical forests of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology. Vol. 4(2): 100-108.
  • Rahman, S.C., Reza, A.H.M.A., Dutta, R., Jenkins, C.L., and Luiselli, L. 2014. Niche partitioning and population structure of sympatric mud snakes (Homalopsidae) from Bangladesh. Herpetological Journal. 24: 123-128pp.
  • Giordano, A.J., Reza, A.H.M.A., and Feeroz, M.M. 2013. Albinism in the fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) from the Haor Basin of Bangladesh. Cat News. N58, Spring 2013: 37-38.
  • Rahman, S.C., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2013. Diet Contents of Fordonia leucobalia (Crab-eating Snake) in Bangladesh. Herpetological Review. 44(3): 522.
  • Grisham, B., Anderson, W., Navarrette, L., Reza, A.H.M.A., Skipper, B., and Strobel, B. 2011. So, You Want to Be a Graduate Student? The Wildlife Professional. 5(2): 69–71.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Colubrid snake Lycodon zawi (Serpentes: Colubridae) from Lawachara National Park in Bangladesh. Russian Journal of Herpetology. 17(1): 75-77.
  • Barua, C., Sharma, D.K. and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Le Trionyx noirâtre, La Tortue de Bostami. Nilssonia nigricans (Anderson 1875) (Ang: Black Softshell Turtle, Bostami Turtle). Chéloniens. 18: 33-38. (In French).
  • Mahony, S. and Reza, A.H.M.A. A herpetofaunal collection from the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, with two new species record for the country. Hamadryad. 32(1): 34-45.
  • Praschag, P., Hundsdorfer, A.K., Reza, A.H.M.A. and Fritz, U. 2007. Genetic evidence for wild-living Aspideretes nigricans and a molecular phylogeny of South Asian Softshell Turtles (Reptiles: Trionychidae: Aspideretes, Nilssonia). Zoologica Scripta. 36(4): 301-310.
  • Aziz, M.A., Reza, A.H.M.A., Hasan, M.K., Tonchangya, P.K., Sarker, A., Atiquzzaman, K.M., Dutta, S., Makayching, and Rahman, K.M.Z. 2007. Some notes on three species of bats of Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. ZOO’s Print Journal. 22(6): 2729-2731.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. Feeroz, M.M., Islam, M.A., and Kabir, M.M. 2003. Status and density of kingfishers (Family: Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae and Cerylidae) in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Bangladesh Journal of Life Sciences. 15(1): 55-60.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2002. Prey species density of the Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans. Journal of Asiatic Society, Bangladesh: Science. 28(1): 35-42.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2002. Man-tiger interaction in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. Bangladesh Journal of Life Sciences. 14(1&2): 75-82.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Feeroz, M.M. and Islam, M.A. 2001. Food habits of the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Zoology 29(2): 173-179.

Recent Conference Articles

  • Sassenrath-Cole, A. and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2018. Use of a scanning electron microscope in wildlife research and management. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 63(1): 86. (Runner-up Student Oral Presentation Award)
  • Walker, B., Edge, H. and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2018. Population and Behavioral Study of Feral Cat (Felis catus) on Delta State University campus, Cleveland, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 63(1): 87. (Best Student Oral Presentation Award)
  • Brewer, H., Patterson, A., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. Impact of urbanization on bird nest materials in Mississippi Delta. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 62(1): 79. (Best Student Oral Presentation Award)
  • Frew, C., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2017. What can affect the movement patterns of White-tailed Deer in central Mississippi. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 62(1): 80. (Student Research Award)
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Gundry, S., and Clark, M. and 2016. Habitat use and seasonal food habits of Coyote (Canis latrans) in Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge, MS. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 61(1): 88.
  • Holland, T.B., and Reza, A.H.M.A. 2015. Effects of human interaction of Squirrels in Mississippi River Delta. Journal of Mississippi Academy of Sciences. 60(1): 152.

Recent Books / Book Chapters

  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2014. Status, distribution and conservation of the Amphibians of Bangladesh. In: Conservation Biology of Amphibians of Asia:Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibian: Eastern Hemisphere. (Edited by Heatwole, H. and Das, I.). Natural History Publications (Borneo), Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. ISBN: 978-983-812-154-5.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. 2010. Diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles in Bangladesh: Impact of Climate Change, Biogeography, and Conservation Management of Herpetofauna in Bangladesh. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. 208 pp. ISBN: 978-3-8433-6470-6.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A. The Bangladesh Sundarbans: A haunting mangrove tigerland (Book Chapter). In: The Sundarbans Inheritance. (Edited by Sahgal, B.; Sen, S., and Grewal, B.). Sanctuary Asia, Mumbai, India. 160 pp. ISBN: 81-903171-1-3.
  • Reza, A.H.M.A., Islam, M.A., Feeroz, M.M., and Nishat, A. 2004. Bengal Tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans. IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Bangladesh Country Office. xii+141 pp. ISBN: 984-8574-09-3.
  • Nishat, A., Huq, S.M.I., Barua, S.P., Reza, A.H.M.A. and Khan, A.S.M. (eds.). 2002. Bio-ecological Zones of Bangladesh. IUCN-The World Conservation Union, Bangladesh Country Office. XII+ 141 pp. ISBN: 984-31-1090-0.

Dr. Reza joined Delta State in 2011

Division of Mathematics & Sciences