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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

This graduate certificate requires the completion of six courses (18 hours). Four of these courses are offered in an iMBA module in the spring semester, and two of the courses are offered in the summer. This program is fully online. Tuition for these courses is the same rate as our iMBA hourly tuition.

Our Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate examines issues within the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits have the 3rd largest payroll in the U.S. economy, yet approximately 30% of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) fail to exist after 10 years. This program helps to prepare students with a better understanding of how to run a successful NPO. This module integrates the theory and practice of philanthropy, nonprofit financial resource management, nonprofit strategic human resource and volunteer management, with strategic project management.

Spring Module

Credits Course Description
3 MGT 695: Strategic Project Management An integrative approach to strategy formulation and decision-making to achieve organizational objectives using cases analysis and project
3 MGT 606: Nonprofit Strategic Human Resources and Volunteer Management A comprehensive overview of tools to address the challenges of managing human resources (paid staff and volunteers) in nonprofit organizations to effectively carry out the mission of the organization.
3 MGT 667: Theory and Practice of Philanthropy An examination of the role of philanthropy in today’s society from the perspectives of the nonprofit practitioner, the philanthropist, and the public.
3 FIN 624: Nonprofit Financial and Resource Management A review of fiscal management and accounting procedures and exploration of financial tools used by nonprofit managers. Students will also acquire knowledge around a basic framework for evaluating the financial performance of a nonprofit organization and fundraising practices.

Summer Courses

Credit Course Description
3 MGT 607: Non-profit Impactful Board Governance A comprehensive overview of board governance, which includes the core roles and responsibilities of board members, as well as the board’s relationship to the CEO and staff. Participants will learn how to develop effective, motivated boards whose members are accountable for the organization’s assets while being committed to serve as advocates for the organization among its various stakeholders.
3 MGT 608: Nonprofit Program Planning and Evaluation An exploration of program planning and evaluation systems, from design and implementation, that produce valid, credible, and useful information to access program impacts within nonprofit organizations.


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