WHAT is HWG 2.0?

Healing With A Groove 2.0 is a narrative change initiative with the mission of promoting racial healing through the creation and production of original songs and recordings among young people of color in the Mississippi Delta through a partnership with the DMI Mobile Lab of Delta State University.

HOW does it work?

 Up to 10 young people (per group) generate ideas by engaging in safe dialogue sessions around topics related to race, identity, and community, and then craft those ideas into original songs and audio recordings using the professional studios and equipment of the DMI Mobile Music Lab and DMI Studios at Delta State University.

WHO can participate in HWG 2.0?

Students in grades 7th-12th in area schools or after-school programs at an approved HWG Partner Site in Bolivar, Sunflower, Leflore, Coahoma, and Washington counties.

WHO facilitates the HWG 2.0 program?

A network of HWG alumni, under the supervision of the HWG 2.0 program staff, are trained to assist local participants in the development of new HWG 2.0 groups. The HWG program staff is made up of the Project Coordinator, Project Assistant, and trained college students from the DMI Entertainment Industry Studies program at Delta State University.

WHEN does HWG 2.0 happen?

Once a HWG Partner Site is confirmed by the HWG Project Coordinator, a schedule is set, and students meet once a week over 10-12 weeks during an academic semester.

WHY is Healing With A Groove important?

Through honest dialogue and individual creativity, HWG students are empowered with an increased understanding of the value of teamwork, a positive vision of self and identity, a method for setting and achieving goals, a desire to build positive relationships in their communities, and an increased awareness of diversity in the service of advocating for racial reconciliation in the Mississippi Delta.

HWG 2.0 is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Healing With A Groove 2.0 is working to develop sustainability by establishing an alumni network of previous HWG participants in Delta communities, and by providing a multimedia toolkit as a resource to local HWG groups.