Department of Music

2022 Delta State University Middle School Honor Band

Students are asked to submit a recorded audition.  To submit your audition materials, please follow the following process:

  • Say your name very clearly.
  • Say the name of each scale or rudiment before playing it.
  • Say “Prepared pieces” before playing your prepared pieces.
  • Say “End of recording.”


Submit recording in .mp3 or.wav format only.


Recorded auditions must be received by Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Submit recordings to:



  • Major scales: Any two (2) major scales in as may octaves as comfortable, tongued ascending and slurred descending.
  • Prepared Piece: One etude of your choice. Technical or Lyrical


  • Rudiments: Nine-stroke roll, flam, and paradiddle performed at  quarter = 120 and at  quarter  = 80 on a concert snare.
  • Major scales: Any two (2) major scales (at least two octaves).
  • Prepared Pieces: one short etude on any combination of snare, mallet, or timpani.



Ms. Sabrina Brasher, DSU Honor Band Coordinator: