Where Champions Play

"In over 80 years of competition, no other Mississippi university has enjoyed the level
of success that Delta State has achieved. Championships are not just claimed on the
field; they are earned in the classroom. Delta State University ranks 10th all-time in
NCAA Division II in Academic All-American honors earned."

− Passion Is A Must

Delta State competes in 15 intercollegiate sports as a member of the Gulf South Conference and is the only university in the state with a swimming and diving program.

We fight for the green and white at Delta State with two key team players. Despite some rowdy student objections, the official athletic mascot is the respected Statesmen. He represents the stature and strength of our 15 teams. The student-adopted mascot is the Fighting Okra, the most vicious of all vegetables. It was created by a band of students at Delta State and has since been strongly embraced.

STATESMEN OR FIGHTING OKRA. Which will you become?