Student Government Association

Student Senate

The Student Senate makes up the legislative branch of the Student Government. Senators are elected from residence halls, campus apartment complexes, and academic colleges or schools. Commuter students may petition to become a member of the Senate through the SGA vice president, as directed by SGA attorney general. One commuter senator is elected/appointed for every 200 commuting students, not to exceed 10 senators.

2017-2018 Student Senators

Huntley Brewer, SGA Vice President
Sarah Cathryn Snellgrove
Bailey Jones
Katie Hardin
Naveem Alam
Jonathan Kent
Benjamin Kelly
Nicholas Walters
Tommy Goza
Hasim Karim.


The vice president of the SGA presides over the Student Senate. Tackling issues like Residence Hall visitation, cafeteria quality, and other student issues, the Senate is a very distinguishing and rewarding way to make a difference on campus.

For more information, please contact Abbigail Myers, SGA vice president, at or email us at

Click here to download the Student Senate application.