Disability Services

Disability Services
O.W. Reily Student Health Center ~ P.O.Box 3303 ~ Cleveland, MS 38733

Disability Services at Delta State University

    The intent of the laws that require universities to make accommodations for students with disabilities is to ensure that these students have an equal opportunity to  learn and to ensure that they are not discriminated against on the basis of their disability.  It is the purpose of the accommodations plan to accomplish these goals without compromising the academic integrity of the university or individual class.  Responsibility for the success of services for students with disabilities belongs to all involved.

Students requesting accommodations due to a disability have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify themselves to the ADA Coordinator to initiate the accommodations process
  • Provide the ADA Coordinator with recent documentation of the disability from a professional qualified to make a diagnosis ( In most cases the documentation of the disability should be no more that three years old)
  • Request specific, approved accommodations from professors in a timely manner
  • Maintain academic requirements of the university

Faculty members have the following responsibilities:

  • Include a statement about self identification in class syllabi and refer students who disclose disabilities to Disability Services
  • Meet with students who have an accommodations plan to discuss how the accommodations can best be provided
  • Cooperate with the ADA Coordinator in providing the approved accommodations
  • Participate in executing the accommodations plan
  • Professors are not expected to provide accommodations without an accommodations plan, provide accommodations not on the plan, or offer make up work for the time prior to the accommodations plan

The ADA Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain a file which contains appropriate documentation for each student who had identified him/herself as disabled
  • Schedule and participate in accommodations planning
  • Keep both faculty and students informed about issues concerning disabilities
  • Assist professors in providing approved accommodations when requested
  • Refer students to other programs for assistance as appropriate
  • Provide tutoring and counseling assistance to students
  • Cooperate with state and local agencies in providing services to students with disabilities

For more information, please contact
Disability Services,
(662) 846-4690