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Interview Questions

The following are a list of commonly asked questions that might be posed to you during a job interview. Following the question are answers or tips on how to best answer the question. Click HERE to download more sample questions (.pdf). 

1. Tell me about yourself.

-60 seconds brief introduction; talk about experiences, qualifications, and why you are interviewing

2. What do you know about our company?

-Know facts- do research, utilize the internet, get an annual report

3. Why should I hire you?

-What are your strenghts/what do you have to offer a company that is special?

4. Tell me something about yourself.

-First you must know what is on your resume

5. Why do you want to work for us?

-Companies want to be wanted- keep it simple- know why you want this particular job!

6. How many employers have you worked for in the last five years?

-Tell the truth- this can be verified- a dishonest answer can put you back on the street.

7. Tell me about your last job.

-Duties, responsibilities, ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

8. Why are you leaving that job?

-Job stagnation, down sizing, or simply a bad choice.

9. Tell me about your education/training.

-How did it help you prepare for the job?

10. Did you enjoy school? Why? What was your favorite class?

-The superivisor may want to know if you enjoy learning and if you can benefit from their training.

11. Did you join any school/community activities? Why?

-Are you sociable? Do you enjoy being part of a group? Do you work well with others?

12. Do you plan to continue your education?

-Be careful what you say- this can suggest growth, ambition, promotibility or suggest you will not give your full attention to the job.

13. How do you relax after work?

-This could be to check for energy levels. In high stress jobs it could be a check for release or you are being recruited for the softball team- be honest- but do develop an outlet. Read? Hunting? Fishing? Work out?

14. What do you plan to be doing in five years? What are your career goals?

-Continue training, education, certification? Management?

15. What is your greatest accomplishment/disappointment? What did you learn?

-A personal touch can work; however, be careful about expressing personal disappoinment, you do not want to appear unstable. A focus on work can say you have a one track mind or you are dedicated. Family life could say I can not work overtime or travel- know your company culture. Balance is important.

16. What is your greatest weakness?

-Focus on work not character, find something that could be a strength. Attention to detail is a worn-out answer. I dont know when to quit.

17. What is your greatest strength?

-Dependability, Loyalty, Team Player, Self-Motivated

18. Tell me about a goal you have set for yourself in the past and how successful you were in accomplishing this goal.

-Have some examples ready (complete a certification, save for a particular item)

19. What experience have you had with a co-worker/roommate when information was miscommunicated. How did you solve that problem?

-A punch in the nose is a wrong answer. Describe briefly the situation and outcome.

20. Tell me about a time you were in a situation you could not handle. What did you do?

-Show maturity and judgement

21. Who are your heroes? Why?

-Think about it!

22. Tell me about a situation in which others did not pull their weight and how you handled it.

23. What kind of salary are you looking for?

– "I have no set salary. What salary is usually offered to someone with my qualifications?" If the manager persists, give a general answer like, "somewhere in the teens," or "somewhere in the thirties."

24. Do you have any questions for me?

– Yes thank you, I do have a few questions.

— If hired, would I be filling a newly created position, or replacing someone?

— Was my predecessor promoted?

— Would you describe a typical workday and the things I would be doing?

— Which duties are most important for this job? Least important?

— How would I be trained or introduced to the jobs? Evaluated?

Click HERE to download more sample interview questions (.pdf).