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Current Students

What you need to know about your F-1 student visa: 

Delta State is very happy to host international students from all over the world. We welcome you to our campus and want you to have an enjoyable and successful stay in the United States. An important way to ensure a positive experience is to maintain your visa status. Be sure you understand your responsibilities as an F-1 student, and do not hesitate to contact the International Student Affairs office if you have any questions.

New F-1 Students Recently Arrived in the United States:

If you are a new international student at DSU, you are required to report to the International Student Affairs office to check in within 10 days of arriving in the US. Failure to check-in may jeopardize your immigration status.

Within 10 days of arriving in the U.S., come to the ISA office with the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Your I-94 card
  • Your stamped I-20 Form

Know your F-1 student responsibilites:

In order to stay in status, an F-1 student must do the following:

  • Attend the school on whose I-20 you entered the U.S. for at least one semester.
  • Complete (not just register for) a full-time course of study (At least 12 Credit Hours for Undergraduates and 9 Credit Hours for Graduate students) for both the fall and spring semesters. This means you must receive a final letter grade of A,B,C,D or F. You may not receive a W if this means you will drop below 12 credit hours per semester.
  • Get permission from the International Student Advisor BEFORE you withdraw from a class if, for some reason, you must drop below 12 credit hours. Be aware that an instructor can withdraw you (assign you a grade of W) from a class due to excessive absences.
  • Make academic progress toward your degree by receiving passing grades.
  • If you miss class for medical reasons, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor immediately.
  • Be aware of the expiration dates of your documents: Maintain a valid passport, at least 6 months into the future. Request an extension of your I-20 (if necessary) at least 2 months before it expires.
  • Come to the International Student Affairs office at least 5 days before you plan to leave the U.S. so that your I-20 can be signed in order to allow you to re-enter the country.
  • Notify both the International Student Affairs office and BCIS (formerly INS) of your address and telephone change each time you move, within 10 days of moving.
  • Follow proper procedures to transfer schools or extend your I-20. Notify your International Student Advisor at least 2 months before you transfer or need an extension.
  • With the new U.S. government foreign tracking system (SEVIS), you must report any changes to your address, major, employment, or graduation plans to the International Student Affairs office.
  • If you are out of status, it is ultimately your responsibility to resolve the situation with the assistance of the International Student Advisor.


International students make up a growing segment of our DSU population. International Student Advising may be received from the Office of Admissions in Kent Wyatt Hall. Representatives will be happy to provide resources and support. The Office of Admissions may be reached by phone at (662) 846-4020 or email at admissions@deltastate.edu.

There is an International Student Association which is an officially recognized university organization to assist with the coordination of activities for international students. The organization meets periodically with university officials for the purpose of expressing concerns of the International Students.

All international students are responsible for the following:

    • At the beginning of each semester, see the International Student Advisor and bring passport, 1-94 and 1-20
    • Notifying the International Student Advisor immediately of an address change.
    • Pursuing a full course of study. For undergraduate study, a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, and for graduate, a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester is required. Failure to maintain the minimum requirement or failure to obtain approval from the International Student Advisor will result in a violation of terms of the Visa status and make the student “out of status” with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).
    • Keep passport valid at all times.
    • Having the 1-20 signed by the International Student Advisor whenever there is a change in major.
    • Understanding the types of employment available to F-1 Visa which is limited to no more than 20 hours on campus.
    • Obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN) if receiving a scholarship or working on campus.

Transfer Out

If you plan to transfer out of Delta State University to attend another US school, you must complete a Transfer Out Form. This is done to notify DSU of your intent to transfer and to specify the school you have been admitted to and will transfer to. Your I-20 will be transferred electronically using the SEVIS system.

Please contact the office of admissions to get a copy of this Transfer Out Form. They can be reached by phone at 662-846-4020 or by email at admissions@deltastate.edu. You must return this form to the International Student Advisor.

International Student Association

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Events & Photos

Every year, international students at Delta State University participate in events to expose the campus and the surrounding communities of the diversity of cultures our student population brings.  During the fall semester, Delta State welcomes new and returning students to campus by hosting a Welcome Dinner sponsored by the many faculty, staff, students, and friends of the community.  During the Spring semester, International Week is celebrated by the DSU campus with international exhibits and fund raising sponsored by the International Student Association.  The ISA is especially proud of their "Taste The Nations" food fest held each Spring.

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