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Residence Hall Options 

Residence Halls are

  • modern and well equipped
  • lobby areas include : lounge space, snack & drink machines.
  • basic TV cable service (50 plus channels) is installed in every room, including family apartments, at no additional charge. 

A deposit of $50 is required to make a room reservation in the residence halls.  Assignments are made in order of receipt of application, except that a student in residence has first choice both in reservation and room.  The Housing Office makes room assignments and notifies applicants when assignments are made. 

If an applicant finds it necessary to cancel a reservation, the deposit is refunded only if the cancellation reaches the Housing Office before August 1st for the Fall semester, December 1st for the Spring semester, May 15th for Summer I term or June 15th for Summer II term.  No deposits will be refunded during the first two (2) weeks of any session.

Private rooms, when available, may be obtained for an additional charge.  A student living alone, on the first Friday of each term, will be required to come to the Housing Office for reassignment with a roommate or pay private room fees regardless of the circumstances that caused the single occupancy.

Bedrooms have beds, chests, desks, chairs, and adequate closet space.  Each student is required to furnish sheets, pillowcases, pillow, blankets, bedspreads, towels, laundry bags, mattress covers, shower curtain, all of which should be plainly marked with the owner’s name.

Each residence hall has a Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants that live in the building. They are students who are there to help you the student.

Women’s Halls

Foundation Hall – north wing

Men’s Halls

Court of Governors (Brewer, Clark Noel & Longino)
New Men’s
Foundation Hall – east wing