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Don’t Cancel Class Program

DSU Career Services understands that your schedule is very hectic.  Between class preparation, student advising, research, family obligations, and participation in professional organizations, missing class may sometimes be unavoidable!  When these situations arise, our "Don’t Cancel Class program" provides you with a series of career-related presentation options designed to assist in preparing students for the world of work. 

The Career Services’ staff will meet with your class, take attendance, present a topic from those listed below and evaluate the workshop.  Afterward, we will provide you with a copy of the attendance record and all handouts. 

The Don’t Cancel Class series is designed with today’s student in mind.  Presented in an interactive format, these programs utilize technology and today’s student jargon to assist in student learning and participation.  Most programs are adaptable to any student classification. 

Click here to check out our list of workshop topics!

For questions or to schedule a Don’t Cancel Class presentation, please contact us