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Employer Opportunities

Career Fairs:

DSU hosts several career fairs throughout the year. Each fair is customized to specific majors!

In-Classroom Visits:

Spend a day on campus visiting classes in the majors interested in recruiting. 

Two Options:

  • Speak to a variety of classes in 15-20 minute increments.
  • Targeted class visits. 

Field Visits:

DSU students take a field trip to an organization.

Faculty Information Session:

Host a luncheon for DSU faculty in the targeted majors to inform them of opportunities at organization.

Student Meet & Greet:

Host an information session to network and meet with students.

On-Campus Interviews:

Conduct on-campus interviews.

On-line Jobs’ Posting:

Post position openings on Career Services’ website.

E-mail Amy Korb, Assistant Director, for more information.  

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