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Services Offered

Job Posting: Career Services offers free job posting services to employers who wish to advertise with our office. 

Career Events: Several career events are sponsored by Career Services annually.  These events bring approximately 225 employers to campus to recruit our students.

On-Campus Interviewing Services:  DSU Career Services is pleased to offer complimentary on-campus interviewing services to employers who wish to conduct on-site interviews.  From providing comfortable interview space to arranging and maintaining your interview schedule, this full service program has the flexibility to meet the needs of any organization. Complete the interview request form and fax to 662-846-4680.

Career Coaching: Career Center staff will assist students in the decision making process, goal setting, academic planning, and job search execution.  This service is provided in a one-on-one setting.

Career/Professional Development Workshops:  In 2010-2011, Career Services hosted 86 career/professional development workshops.  Topics included resume writing, interviewing skills, business etiquette, professional behavior in the workplace, networking, professional image, budgeting after graduation, demystifying the graduate school process, etc.

“Don’t Cancel Class” Faculty Outreach Program: The Don’t Cancel Class program is designed to aid faculty in class schedule planning and preparation.  The program provides a series of career related presentation options designed to assist in preparing students for the world of work.  Workshops are scheduled when faculty have to miss class. 

Career Service Ambassadors: This university-recognized student organization is open to all students who are interested in career advancement through professional development.  Students assist with the execution of career events. 

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