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Safety Tip of the Week

   Got this information from our OIT department:


Don’t be a Victim – Text Messaging Scam Hits Mississippi
Mississippi has been hit by a nasty text messaging scam that claims to be from Regions Bank. Recipients receive a text message on their cell phones (providers vary) advising them to call a 1-800 number to discuss their bank account at Region’s. In actuality, this culprits are tricking individuals into providing their debit card number, checking account number, and even their personal identification number. No legitimate banking institution would ever ask you for this information – they should already have it! To read more about the Region’s scam, check out the story on WAPT.com. If you receive this or other type of scams via your cell phones (known as “smishing”) telling you to contact a phony number (known as “vishing”) contact the Attorney Generals Office immediately! 




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