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Announcements and Messages

New Online Vehicle Registration

The Delta State University Police Department is pleased to announce the acquisition of our new records management system called ARMS (Automated Records Management System).  Among the many functions this new system brings to the University is an "online" Vehicle Registration.

In order to obtain your parking permit (decal) complete the following steps:

  1. Type parking.deltastate.edu on your computer’s web browser address bar.
  2. Follow the steps given on this web site.
  3. Type in information exactly as requested.
  4. Print out the very last page of this form and bring it with you to the Police Department (Union Room 202).
  5. The office personnel will take your printed copy and use it to bring up your account on the computer.
  6. Lastly, you will use your OKRA Kard to pay for the decal ($40). If you have not put money on your OKRA Kard, you may go on-line at MyDSU to the OkraKard 24x7Online Office, the library, or student business services to do so.
  7. The office personnel will then enter your decal number into the computer and issue your decal.
  8. You have now completed your vehicle registration!

If you have any questions concerning this vehicle registration process, contact our office at (662) 846-4155.


New Emergency Text Messaging

In addition to online vehicle registration, our department encourages everyone to sign up for Delta State’s new Emergency Text Messaging System. In case of severe weather or any life-threatening incident on campus, a brief text alert will be sent to all people registered for this service. 

In order to obtain the new Emergency Text Messaging System, complete the following steps:      

  1. Click on myDSU located on the upper left corner of this page.
  2. Log into DSU Online Services by using your ID and six digit birthday.
  3. Choose  the “Personal Information” section and the “Enroll in Okra Alert” option.
  4. Add your cell phone number (with area code) into the computer.
  5. Make sure to save this information
  6. You have now completed your Emergency Text Messaging System registration!


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