Campus Counseling Center

Suicide Prevention

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration awarded Delta State University a grant in the amount of $87,762 for 3 consecutive years beginning August 2012 and ending July 2015. Delta State University sought to take preventative measures by applying for this grant and was successfully awarded. Delta State is seeking to train faculty, staff and students utilizing a simulation-based training module to identify, address and refer students who are in psychological distress. Through the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Suicide Prevention grant, Delta State will also provide educational seminars on topics that often are precursors to suicide like Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Additional information will be provided to parents and students on critical mental health topics, as well as promoting the National Suicide Hotline (1800 273-TALK). Concurrently, Delta State’s current crisis network and infrastructure will be more fully developed and strengthened.