Russian musical prodigy

By May 31, 2015Russia


By: Tricia Walker
DMI director

On one of our excursions this week we attended School Number 6, where students and philharmonic director and music teacher Alla Podolskayahad prepared a wonderful musical program especially for us.

The program they prepared was about the origin of the Blues. The students, who were from ages 9-16, sang, danced and played wonderful music for us. After the program was finished, Nikita, a student sat and began to play a piece by Tchaikovsky. He brought me to tears with this gift of music as the first classical music I ever remember hearing was a recording of Concerto No. 1 by Tchaikovsky on an album that my mother brought home from the market as a bonus for buying groceries. To this day it resonates with me immediately.

We learned that Nikita had only been playing piano for two years, but already it is quite obvious that he is a musical prodigy. Once again, music became the universal language between this young man from Russia and visitors from United States. I hope we will have the chance to hear him in concert on a major stage one day.