Leelah and the opera house

By May 30, 2015Russia

Our second day in Russia, we had the opportunity to see a performance from a British modern dance troupe in Perm’s opera and ballet house. It was quite the experience, but the most memorable part happened after the show for me. We were walking through a room that had little dioramas of past stage sets and the performances that took place on them. Instead of still portraits of the actors/dancers, they had holograms of them in each diorama! The image was so clear, I was fascinated, and sometimes when I get extremely excited, I make excited noises rather than words, like how some people squeal with joy. Well, Jessica was standing next to me, so I pointed at one of the dioramas in disbelief and “said” something akin to, “aaahhhchachachacha!” I turned to face her, and that was when I realized it was not Jessica, nor was it any of the members of our group. It was some strange girl, who I had clearly terrified, staring back at me with wide eyes and confusion. In embarrassment, I squeaked out, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! So sorry,” and proceeded to run away.