WebCT is Delta State University’s supported courseware platform for web enhanced and online course delivery.
The Office of Information Technology via the Technology Learning Center supports the efforts of faculty to utilize WebCT in traditional and non traditional instruction situations. The Center administers the software, provides access and technical support for course, and training of faculty in their development and implementation.
Online courses: course tools are used to deliver all instructional activities asynchronously.
Training: course tools are used for short learning experiences managed electronically for DSU employees or other sponsored groups.
WebCT (Web Course Tools): a flexible, integrated web based learning environment that uses technology to foster learner inquiry, discourse, and collaboration.
Web enhanced courses: course tools are used to enhance face-to-face contact with web based interactions using e-mail, discussions, assignments, online quizzes, student presentations, chat.
  • Faculty can use WebCT for course offerings published in the schedule.
  • Faculty or staff with designated training responsibilities can use WebCT.
  • Other sponsored agencies connected to the University may use WebCT with approval from the President’s office.
A course request form must be completed, signed by the user, and approved by their department or division head. The request form is available online. . The completed form must be sent to the Director of the Technology Learning Center.
Academic courses using WebCT should be so identified in the schedule. Users must complete Coursebuilder training offered by the Technology Learning Center. Users are encouraged to also complete Building and Managing Web Pages and Preparing to Teach Online training courses.
Users are responsible for the course content including appropriateness, meeting accessibility standards, copyright compliance, and conformance other University policies and procedures.
  • If you intend to use an E-pack discuss it with your department head and have an agreement on the additional costs to students.
  • Notify the bookstore when regular book orders are submitted for proper ordering of access codes.
  • Notify the WebCT administrator that you have adopted the e-pack so they will look for the publisher instructions to arrive. The publisher will send the WebCT administrator instructions for downloading the e-pack. The WebCT administrator will restore it to your course.
  • Conduct a course evaluation at the end of the each course.
  • Make the WebCT administrator aware when courses are expected to be active or inactive and changes of Instructor.
  • Back up your course(s) regularly. Set reminders for yourself. After midterm and at the end of the course are necessary times. After big tests would also be a good time to create a backup. Download the backups to your local computer and/or on CD. Download and save your grade book. Keep a backup copy. You are allowed three backups per course on the system.
  • Archive your course (in case of appeals). Maintenance of student records shall conform to University Policy. Do not change content in a course until after a backup copy is saved. You may need the course intact in case of an appeal. Archived courses will be removed from the server after 90 days.
  • Reset your course at the end of each term only after a backup has been made.
  • Computer Ethics and Code of Behavior must conform to University Policy. Faculty and Staff hosting a course on the WebCT server shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws and all institutional and IHL rules, policies and procedures.
  • Copyright use must comply with University Policy. Please note that the fact that WebCT can restrict access to course materials to authenticated users does not make the unauthorized use of copyright text, images, etc. legally acceptable. 
  • Make students aware of the support available. Students should first use the published supports provided (WebCT helpdesk) to try to solve problems. If the student still needs help, they should contact the instructor. If the instructor cannot solve the problem, then the instructor should contact the WebCT administrator.
  • Some possible reasons for problems to be considered before calling you
o       ISP problems/outages
o       Campus server problems
o       More than one copy of their browser is open
·        Training sessions are offered during each term, and users are strongly encouraged to take advantage of them.
·        Open lab hours in the Technology Learning Center will be published to assist users. Someone will be available during this time to offer assistance. If you would like some assistance during the lab hours, inform the TLC ahead of time that you will be attending.
·        Individual consultation will be provided on request.
·        TLC will maintain published lists of FAQ on the log in page and on WebCT bookmarks.
  • Policy on “Copyright Infringement”
  • Policy on “Responsible Use of Electronic Communications’