Family Housing



Delta State University Housing Office provides limited family housing for students who are enrolled as full time students and meet the criteria outlined in this policy.   Living in the Family Housing is a privilege, not a right. Those living in the Family Housing must adhere to the regulations outlined within this policy.








Family Housing

For family housing, 76 apartment units are available. The Canal Street/Hill apartments are all two bedroom, two-story apartments with central heat and air, TV cable, and stove furnished. The Humphreys Street/Cafeteria apartments have both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. These have central heat and air, TV cable, local telephone service, utilities included, apartment stove and full frost-free refrigerator furnished. Rental rates are available at the Housing Office, Bailey 108. Information about campus telephones is available from the Telecommunications office.


To be eligible for occupancy in Family Housing, the Lessee must be married or a single parent with a minor child in residence and enrolled as a full-time student at Delta State University. The Lessee must maintain the full-time student status throughout the year except during the summer. The Lessee must be enrolled in at least three academic hours during either session of summer school to remain in the complex during the summer months. Audited hours are not considered for full-time status.



  1. A deposit of $100.00 paid to the Housing Office is required to place a student’s name on the waiting list. This deposit is refundable at any time should the student wish to take his/her name off the list or at the time he/she vacates the apartment with proper notification and without damages and the student account is paid in full. Assignments are made in order of receipt of application and after admission to the University.


  1. A lease serves as the apartment housing contract and may be amended as needed with notification to residents. The term of this lease shall be effective beginning the date the contract is signed.


  1. The rent payable by the Lessee shall be due on or before the first day of each month. Rent is subject to change. Non-payment of rent when due or breach of any of the terms and conditions of this lease by Lessee shall give the University the right to terminate this lease.


  1. The Lessee is responsible for any damages to the apartment. Charges will be determined by the Housing Office.


  1. Proper check-in and check-out procedures must be followed or the apartment deposit will be forfeited. To have the deposit refunded, the Lessee must give 30 days notice, clean the apartment to the University’s satisfaction, check-out in person with the housing staff, be exempt from charges, and have a paid in full account with the University. Charges in excess of the deposit will be billed to the student lessee.


  1. All family housing residents must abide by all DSU policies and procedures as stated in this policy and procedures manual, other university publications, and notices posted by university officials. Failure to comply may result in eviction.


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