Rush and Fax Orders

The Purchasing Department will issue rush purchase orders or fax purchase orders only if urgency exists. The order will be placed in accordance with Mississippi Code 31-7-13. Rush and fax orders are for necessity not convenience or poor management.
·        Enter requisition in Banner making note below last line item that order needs to be faxed or a rush order is needed. Be sure to list vendor fax number if order is to be faxed.
·        Requisition must be completed and approved before Purchasing can process.
·        Call Purchasing and give them the Banner-assigned requisition number to pull forward for a Purchase Order.
·        Purchasing will pull the requisition forward in Banner and complete the Purchase Order, then call department back with the purchase order number; or fax purchase order to the vendor.
·        Complete a Purchase Requisition and include the vendor’s telephone and facsimile number.
·        Hand carry the approved requisition to Purchasing.
·        Note on the requisition form if it needs to be faxed or if rush order is needed.
  • Mississippi Code 31-7-13
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